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Rainbow has been enjoying her new found relationship with Applejack for some time now. But when she accidentally wrecks all of the hats in A.J's closet, she comes to a realisation.

She's almost never seen Applejack without a hat on.

She doesn't know why, but make no mistake, she will before long...

My entry for "The Fourth AppleDash Contest: A Little Twist of Lemon"
Chosen categories are:
Deepest Darkest Secret
Peanut Butter

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And lo!

The first with peanut butter arrives!

~Skeeter The Lurker

Just pointing out that there have been plenty of times in the show we've seen AJ without a hat. I know, I know, that's not the point.

Ah, another Appledash story where we are intrigued by Aj's hat. Hopefully, I won't have to wait 800 chapters to find out what.


I'm calling a bald spot. ;)



I'll be honest, my idea for the story first began using A.J's bandana for the prompt "An out of place object".

But then I needed a way for Rainbow to trash all of A.J's hats and the chance to use peanut butter just called to me...

Or is it though? :rainbowdetermined2:
No, it's probably not...

Well I'm aiming for five to six thousand words... so I guess about six words a chapter should stretch it out to 800 :pinkiehappy:


I mean...no! That totally isn't what the twist is going to be! :rainbowderp:

Now if you'll excuse me I need to go and rewrite the next few chapters for...completely different reasons...

Oh. :applejackconfused:
This...that was one of the best cliffhangers ever!


Well, at least we know what the secret is, but WHY DOES SHE HAVE SCARS ON HER NECK!? For some reason, I think that the 3 scars represent Big Mac, Applebloom, and granny smith. But I don't know why!!:fluttershbad:

Thank you! :twilightsmile:

Let's just hope the rest of it holds up...

Damn, that's a pretty nice piece of symbolism :rainbowderp:

Wish I could claim I came up with it...:ajsleepy:

Still, let's just say there is a significant reason why there are specifically three scars...

What does she mean? does AJ mean that they got rid of their stuff already? now I must wait a few days to find out. now I feel even more impatient! WHY DO STORIES HAVE TO BE SO DARN INTERESTING!?!:raritydespair:

HEH....he he. That last line made me smile and want to cry at the same time.



Actually it's just that A.J and Applebloom were supposed to bunk together...but after the Timberwolf attack one of them was able to have their parents' room instead...

But hey, at least Applejack didn't have to share her room after all, right? Ah hehehe, silver lining... :pinkiesad2:

That's the exact feeling I got trying to finish chapter five before the contest deadline....

Not the Daring Do plushie! :rainbowderp::raritydespair:

:rainbowlaugh: Really good story, you deserve a fav!



That's nothing. Wait 'til she finds the notebook with "RD + AJ 4 eva" written in hearts all over it :ajsmug:

But what caught her attention today was not that A.J was wearing it. It was how A.J was wearing it. Instead of tying it around her neck, she instead had it on top of her head like a bandana.

Rainbow couldn't decide if she looked more like a pirate or a street thug.

:rainbowlaugh: I'm dead.

Like how Rainbow sometimes liked to snuggle in bed with her Daring Do plushie.

New fanart idea loading...

Hm... This intrigues me...

Surprisingly enough, Applejack actually laughed. Not her usual boisterous laugh. It was a dark, bitter laugh.

"Aw Sugarcube..." She smiled sadly. "After that night, we had a room goin' spare."

Darkest thing I have ever heard.

I like it.


You will be if you run into Applethug in a dark alley...

Seriously, she'll cut you and steal your wallet :ajsmug:


Just so long as A.J's in the background taking a picture :pinkiehappy:


Oh believe me, I could go darker...

I won't, but I could...

I'm... happy you didn't go darker. Because it probably would've been tagged as 'dark' then, so I wouldn't have ended up reading it. And I'm oh so glad I did. :pinkiesmile:
This little tale was beautiful in every single aspect. Although I can't imagine that Granny, maybe even Big Mac, haven't figured it out by now and just keep their mouths shut. Years and years and years of every-day-life with one another. A single instance where Big Mac accidentally walks in on AJ looking at her scars in a mirror or massaging the still sensitive scar would've been enough.
So yeah, once she's trying to tell her family, I think she'll be in for a surprise. Not necessarily a good one, not necessarily a bad one. Applebloom might still be reeeaaally freaked out. If she's just a teensy bit like AJ, she might start the whole circle of fun and self-blame again. Like 'if I wouldn't have been born, she wouldn't have run away'. Yeah... maybe she should try to avoid that...

Anyway. This story was awesome!

Thank you!


Hmm...then maybe I shouldn't tell you that my original draft was to not have the Timberwolves be the ones to kill the Apple parents...but A.J herself...

I think there might be something wrong with me...

Still, glad you enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

In all fairness Rainbow is probably not the only one. I don't doubt for a moment that A.J likely cuddles with a Mistress Marevellous doll.

A.J just knows how to hide it better :ajsmug:



7467050 Applejack didn't choose the thug life...

The thug life chose her

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