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This group has been revised and it's purpose is to highlight and raise awareness for stories that you think are good and should be shared with the world.

If you read a story (be it happy, sad, smutty, tear-jerking or tragic) if you think it's good, thats good enough for me, so post away.

If you've been writing your own story and want a place to advertise yourself, post away and I promise I will personally read your stories and get back to you, for any feedback. The aim of this group is to spread the good all around. I also hope that this group would encourage and inspire people to bravely post their own stories.

The same goes for art, and opinions. If you find something, anything out there worth your attention, please, whatever you do, post it here, enlighten us!

Feel free to spam away people. This is YOUR group. Feel free to do whatever the hell you want.

A few guidelines though;

Firstly, don't post offensive or abusive materiel, aimed either at gender or race.
Don't trash talk or put down other people, their work and their opinions.

Apart from that, this group is fairly relaxed and I won't ban anybody, unless they repeatedly break the rules.

Enjoy and hopefully I will post stuff up!

Sincerely Yours,

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