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Simple-ish Commenting Tips~~~~~reminder(s) for me

use [] to code

[ b ] (without spaces) +text +[ / b ] (without spaces to bold
[ i ] (without spaces) +text +[ / i ] (without spaces) to italicize
[ u ] (without spaces) +text +[ / u ] (without spaces) to underline
[ s ] (without spaces) +text +[ / s ] (without spaces) to strike through
[ spoiler ] (without spaces) +text +[ / spoiler ] (without spaces) to hide text
[ hr ] (without spaces) +text +[ hr ] (without spaces) to

separate with header line

[ quote ] (without spaces) +text +[ / quote ] (without spaces) to

quote somepony

[ color=... ] (without spaces) +text +[ / color ] (without spaces) to change text color
NOTE: (...) IS REPLACED BY THE COLOR(colour depending on location) OR IT'S CODE
IF INSERTING CODE, ADD # BEFORE (i.e. . [ color = # ffef00 ] . (again remove spaces)
[ center ] [ /center ] (no spaces)

This will center the text


I Don't no how to continue "Equestrian History", but I started a new story called "Dreams". It's about a young human girl who wakes up as a pony in Equestria with magic future seeing dreams.
Might not be to good because its been a wile since I last talked to Lyra about humans and what they are/how they act. :) =D

Now that school is out and summer is starting I have no plans for writing. will be up randomly and unpredictable, If they happen at all...

Completed Stories

None, sorry. :(
"huh..But I.. WHAT?"
sorry twilight, but you'll have to wait like every pony else
*twitch* ... " it's fine it'll all be fine" *twitchy twitch*
uh... Luna? We need your help twilight is going crazy again.

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Oh, hey! Thanks so much for the Watch! I really, really appreciate it, and I hope that I can keep doing my best to deserve it!:twilightsmile:

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