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Statement On Sutherland Springs Church Shooting · 12:13am November 6th

I condemn the attack against the church in Sutherland Springs. This disgusting attack was carried out on people who just wanted to worship. I give my condolences to the victim's families and I pray that they will get through this horrific tragedy

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2529410 I was like why is he posting something like that XD

2528513 Maybe you could do what the show did for its 100 episode anniversary, and write about all the background ponies?

So, Lyra & Bon Bon, Derpy, the bowling ponies, Matilda, Cranky Doodle and Steven Magnet?

Or maybe a story about Celestia and Luna?

Here's what's going to happen, I'm going to invite that comment and leave it at that

No one is done when they fall. But, everyone is done when they refuse to get back up.

Yes, and I get what you're saying. However there was another way you could've said it, without sounding like an asshole.

Yes, I know I also sound like an asshole as well due to the insults.

I suppose you're close.

What I was doing was saying that everybody else would be inconsiderate in an effort to see if that does anything to hopefully make them not do that. Only time will tell.

And I care why? I am sharing an opinion of mine, not insulting anybody. Oh I get it, you just wanted to know that you were going to be an ignorant, and quite possibly pretentious, prick.

Okay, here's what's gonna happen: your comment is going to be downvoted and people are going to think you're an idiot for posting that. I'm just making sure that you are aware.

2528518 I'm glad you do! Thanks so much :D

Hmmm, odd. I find most rather pleasant.

2528497 Not a lot of people like them :/

2528468 I was thinking about that

Hmmm, you write a lot of stories, but they have a crap ton of downvotes why?

Big milestone coming up for you, 250 stories! :raritystarry:

I think you should plan something amazing for the 250th one :pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by Bendy deleted October 26th
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