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Extended Information On The Sentence · 2:58am August 3rd

I decided to add a few more pieces of information on The Scentence. I want to add that there will be a sequel where Twilight is shown currently trapped in her mummification thinking about her punishment and missing her friends. Here is an extended dictionary on the story as I want to expand the information.

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Report Evictus · 95 views · Story: The Sentence · #Main 6 #Celestia #Mature #Fetish #Dark #Sad #Human
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Hello, I am posting this on many authors blogs.

Just wondering if you could check my recent blog and answer it, it explains it all on the blog.

Thank you and have a nice day!


2634628 I know! Awesome!

In search statistics its said your stories involve Twilight Sparkle 221 times :rainbowlaugh: She is my favourite pony.

2633962 I first write the description of the plot down and then I expand it

2633960 I'm glad you do! I think everybody paused at that moment XD

Hey. How do you think of enough story plots to have 300+ stories? I can't think of ANY right now

Omg your profile picture is so funny. This is why I love starlight. To be honest I also paused that moment in the episode and screenshotted it.

2633871 Because it's being used as a meme and I thought her face was funny from that episode where she made it so I made it my profile picture

Why is your profile picture now Starlight making a weird face?

2632312 I know. Im not going to stop though as I will get better

You are just a bundle of fun, aren't you? And, while I mean no offense, it's always amusing to me to go through the comments of your fics and see all of the haters. I won't say that you can't become better, but you'll definitely need some help to do so. These train wrecks, while a greatly enjoyable to sight to watch crash, are still sad in many aspects. But if there is something that I have to say, it's this: Don't stop. You will get better with time and experience. Just be patient.

2631400 I wrote a mature rated tickle story so you won't like it

2631174 Maybe later I just wrote a story that involved some thing like that

I told him no fetishes. Besides, tickling someone's feet is not that fetishy. It happens in kids TV shows.

What you just asked is a fetish thing. It would be better if it was a tickle fight. It would be even better if you ask anyone else to do it.

Hey man, it's been a while since I sent you a request. I want to see a story where Sweetie Belle asks Rarity if Sweetie Belle can restrain Rarity and tickle her feet. And make sure it's an everyone story. No fetishes, no swearing.

  • Viewing 1,347 - 1,366 of 1,366
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