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PSA · 6:17am January 14th

I can't believe I have to warn against something like this. There is this social media challenge going around involving the consumption of Tie Pods.


I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw social media today. Look alls I have to say about this issue is that do not eat them. They are poison. Tie pods are for washing your clothes they are not to be used in a dangerous way for a stupid social media challenge.

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2555513 You have no idea how many times I have seen this meme

2554031 Your welcome

2553824 I'll think about it

Please write a story with adagio dazzle.

2553682 Sure I will check it out

hi my first story has just been approved would be awesome if u checked it out

2553253 I'm glad you enjoyed my stories! Just take your time in writing your story. I know that I have trouble with this tip as well but I'm always trying to improve myself.

Hi Evictus I just wanted to say I love reading your stories! I'm new to this website and I'm writing my first story now. I was wondering would you maybe give me some feedback or tips to improve when I'm done?

2547811 Happy New Years! :)

Happy new year, Evictus!

Oh yeah? I had seventeen cups of coffee and five liters of cola in the last 26 hours! That’s like three days! And-and I have powers! They’re pretty cool, but, uh, you can’t see them because they’re, yknow, only seen by those who have a special heart imbued with uh



Don't you know? I can pull weapons out of thin air that dematerialize within a minute of leaving my grip. Good luck countering that.

Have at thee with your Red-Hot-butthole!

You, sir, will never best me.

*brandishes spaghetti sword*

So you return

And here I am, two weeks later.

  • Viewing 1,026 - 1,045 of 1,045
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