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Statement On London Terrorist Attack · 12:51am June 6th

The recent attack that has happened in London was terrible. I condemn the vicious attack and I pray for the victims and the victims families

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2461146 One of his stories(It's not deleted but I believe it was * Crime or something along those lines). That's ignoring the Nazi sign witch was a contributing factor(or so in told)

2461143 He was in a fight? With whom?

2461107 Well I remember one of them was for a similar story. And the one before that was due to conflict.

2460933 Probably the same stupid shit he always gets banned from XD

What's they're YouTube account?

This is his fourth or fifth ban.

2460900 Oh? Well did he say why?

On my Reaction to Evictus Story video. He said he was banned for two weeks. Next one is a perma

Two weeks from what the comments have said

I keep scanning new stories, waiting for Evictus to come back under a new name and repeat the process all over again...

2460685 that's a long time(and that's assuming it's a month)

2460696 I just copied and pasted the link and there's this dude giving so much shit to Evictus in the comments. Holy shit I actually feel bad for Evictus

you ever see my Reaction to Evictus video?

of course, he's crying on my YouTube channel

It's been over a week, so I think this one might be perma or maybe a month

  • Viewing 682 - 701 of 701
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