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It's Hearths Warming Eve and while all other ponies are together with family and friends in a warm home, a certain pegasus filly is alone.

Scootaloo has been alone on this holiday for years, yet the loneliness never lessens, it only gets worse.

When one of her best friends, Dinky Hooves finds out, she decides to make it her goal to give Scootaloo the best Hearths Warming she's ever had.

To be revised.

Cover art by DinkyUniverse. Feel free to check some more of her awesomely adorable art out!

Featured on 1-28-17. Thank you!

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Yay randome has story. :raritystarry:

7902245 Yep. :yay: I hope you enjoy it, I tried hard with it.


I won't fault you for trying your best. As long as you enjoyed writing it, that's what counts the most. :pinkiesmile:

7902273 Even with all the time I put into it, I still had a lot of fun writing it. :pinkiehappy: I can't say that I wasn't smiling while writing it...


Yep. Who are you getting to edit your story for you? I'm going back and editing one of my earlier stories pretty soon. Going to do an overhaul on it to improve it slightly. :pinkiecrazy:

7902289 Atronosthelast. It's been a while since I've actually asked him to be my editor to me actually sending something kind of complete. :raritywink: He's not done but I've decided to post the story already before it's edited. Let's hope that wasn't a mistake :derpytongue2:

Aww, cute! *hugs Scootaloo and Dinky*

Good start, I look forward to part 2.

7902311 Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I hope you enjoy part 2 just as much when it comes out. :pinkiehappy: And thanks so much for adding it to your favorites too, this story is getting so much love in so little time, I can barely keep up!

7902316 You're welcome.

You know I think this might be the first Derpy and/or Doctor Whooves Scootadopt story I've read.

7902322 You've got DinkyUniverse to thank for that idea, she originally suggested a Dinky and Scoots cuddle fic which grew into this story. :pinkiehappy: I'm glad to hear it was so original!

7902324 Yeah, its a good little story.

I've seen fics where Derpy is Scoots' biological mother or aunt sure, but I think this is the first adoption one I've seen.

7902337 Personally I go with Rainbow Dash, but I'm just a sucker for Scootalove, its the best love.

7902342 I was thinking about doing a ScootaDash adopt fic but I felt that it was done so much and I wouldn't be able to keep it short and end up making a whole novel :rainbowlaugh: I personally LOVE ScootaDash adopt fics, at least 35% of all the fics I read are ScootaDash! So when Dinky was put into the picture, I knew what I had to do. And that was make this fic as awesome as I could!

7902347 Well you did a great job :twilightsmile:.

Honestly I pretty much made my name on fimfiction based on Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash fics, check 'em out if you're ever curious.

Nice, that's what friends are for!:pinkiehappy: I can see that Scoots makes a good (little or big?) sister for my favorite background filly. Somepony call the royal guard or close, arrest scoots cruel parents and close that orphane!

Constructive criticism: Work on showing not telling. You spend a lot of time telling us exactly how the characters are feelings and what they are thinking. Working on cutting some of that out would make for a better story.

I love how cute this book is !!! ❤️

7903196 Thank you! :yay: I'm glad you enjoyed it so far!

7902871 Well... *tries to hold in spoilers for sequel* Let's see what will happen when this story is done... :raritywink:

This is amazing! Thank you very much for doing this request fic for me.^^

Im glad that your first fic already has a lot of people enjoying it.^^

7903432 Me too :yay: I'm glad you enjoyed this part, I'm working on the other one right now. Thanks so much for requesting it, if you didn't, this awesome thing wouldn't be here now.

i like it and i wish we could have seen the reaction of two sisters that their have now another sister can you maybe add that into this story

7941500 That little part at the end was Dinky's reaction to Scootaloo becoming her sister. It said before, back when they both were in the dream that Dinky would be watching what's going on around Scootaloo outside the dream. Unless I somehow got rid of that. :pinkiegasp: I thought I just checked it... Oh well, checking again! And Sparkler (the other sister) is already almost a full grown mare already. She's also known as Amethyst Star in the show.

I'm glad you enjoyed the story though. :twilightsmile:

I loved this story it's very cute and made me squeal in delight, (my cat looked at me funny).

7941636 I'm glad you enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

Indeed it is scootaloo. Great job! Never expected that derpy would call her muffin

7941733 It's kind of like a daughter nickname. Like 'Sweetie' or 'Honey'. Derpy goes with Muffin for Dinky, so she did with Scootaloo too as a sort of 'sign' of family. :yay: Plus, I found it super cute!

I'm glad you enjoyed this story. :yay:

7942362 It fits for Dinky, just never thought that Derpy would use it on Scoots too. Scotaloo Hooves, nice name.

Great fic, I really liked it, nice job.

Your writing is a bit rough around the edges, but you show promise. Keep up the good work.

Not sure about having the entire dream sequence in italics, especially considering how long it is. My suggestion would be to treat it as a normal scene and only italicize the shadow voices. That should be enough for the readers to get what is going on.

Was looking for dinky fic, hopefully one with scoots too. This was first one to pop up. No regrets

7959715 Glad you enjoyed it. :yay:

If Dinky Hooves was voiced, what would she sound like?

8052893 Hm... I'm honestly not too sure. I'd imagine somewhat like Sweetie Belle, but without the voice cracks and a bit lower and calmer. But still adorable and full of energy. :twilightsmile:

Flight to the finish from Season 4 kinds of throw a monkey wrench, but as an AU, it's good.

Chapter 2 feels unneeded, but I understand why it was written.

:pinkiehappy: So good! :trixieshiftright: I can almost imagine how Sparkler will react...


Awwww this is so cute. Your story is actually the first Scootadoption story I have ever read. Thank you so much for introducing me to the genre with this awesome story. I'm sure Scootaloo will shine with happiness when Derpy and Dr Whooves tell her the good news.

Wow, that dream scene was pretty intense--well-written, though. The contrast between the evilness in the dream and Scootaloo's happiness upon knowing she just got a family was really showing. Beautiful story. You should be proud. :twilightsmile:

It would have been better if Scootaloo had been kicked back into the streets, but ok overall, I guess.

Did Scootaloo go back to the box to get her saddle bags? Its never mentioned.

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