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Story updates

Just a little box for general story update progress. For a more detailed overview, please go check out the forum on my group 'Odium'.

Fireteam Odium: This story will generally be updated sometime before two weeks has passed since the previous chapter. I write slower to prevent burning out which would remove motivation for the story.

Epsilon-6: Temporarily stopped so I can work on Odium. This story will be continued in time.

A New World: This story will not be updated for a while. I may come back to this sometime in the future.

Echo-4882: It will take work to restart this. I will need to do a rewrite and that is going to take a significant amount of time to do.


-Welcome boop-

Hi there! Echo here. Not entirely sure on what to put here but I'm guessing that you will be looking at this because of either Odium or Epsilon-6, my two most popular stories. If you are, then welcome!

Now, people that have followed me for a while may wonder where the old layout has gone, and I have some bad news for you on that front. I have given up editing for the foreseeable future. Odium and Epsilon are big passions of mine and I want to finish them. On top of that, I am also in the process of getting the equipment to learn how to draw pones, so that's gonna be fun :twilightsmile:

For those that don't want me to stop editing, I'm sorry. It was fun to begin with and I am honoured that you all trusted me with your stories enough to edit them, but I gain no joy from it anymore. It feels more like a chore than a hobby at this point. But with actual writing? I thoroughly enjoy that. Being able to communicate with fans of a story that I put hours of work into is more rewarding to me than anything I have ever done in the past. And so that is what I will do. No more will I subject myself to something I don't enjoy.

Thank you to everyone I have edited for this last year, it was fun, but this is where that ends. I hope you all find a new editor soon.

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>>2441651 You'll get one in the end. Just gotta keep looking.

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>>2441647 Ah. Well, that's mildly disheartening but hey, can't win them all. Also, I'm quite alright.

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>>2441645 We just read stories that are well hated as jokes. While I am familiar with the dramatic reading community I simply don't have the skills to pull it off. Of you like you can contact Lotus Moon, she does readings on Youtube at a reasonable price.

And I'm good, thanks for asking. How are you?

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A)Hi, how are you? B)Saw your comment here. Question-You mentioned you read stories to your friends on Skype. By any chance would that imply you do dramatic readings or am I mistaken?

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>>2430411 xbox one unfortunately, but thankyou for adding Epsilon to your bookshelves :twilightsmile:

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