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I was once a pony with a normal life.

Then came the day that changed it all.

I had to protect her, no matter what happened to me as a result. It was the right thing to do. I hadn't stopped them before, so I had to then. I couldn't let her take the pain. So I took the blame and the pain.

But I deserve it. I didn't stop this before, so I should take it now. It's my own fault for not trusting my instinct... I lost all hope, I broke.

But I didn't shatter. For I am a shadow of the dusk...

Awesome cover art made by DinkyUniverse!

Updated as of 2/20/17.
Rewritten as of 4/8/17.

Tell me how this one-shot went! Now that I've rewritten it, and hopefully improved it, I think more people will enjoy it. Considering the 10/1 ratio though, people apparently already liked it. :twilightsheepish:

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It's Hearths Warming Eve and while all other ponies are together with family and friends in a warm home, a certain pegasus filly is alone.

Scootaloo has been alone on this holiday for years, yet the loneliness never lessens, it only gets worse.

When one of her best friends, Dinky Hooves finds out, she decides to make it her goal to give Scootaloo the best Hearths Warming she's ever had.

To be revised.

Cover art by DinkyUniverse. Feel free to check some more of her awesomely adorable art out!

Featured on 1-28-17. Thank you!

Chapters (2)