• Published 6th Jan 2016
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What If... - TheMajorTechie

A buncha stories based off of random "What if?" questions.

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Spike ate Twilight's bathtub, leading to an FBI raid?

Author's Note:

It's a tag-team combo chapter! Say hi to twidash1993 and Zapper frost and johnsparkly251!

"Urk..." Spike belched, lying face-down on the floor of Twilight's bathroom, "Remind me next time not to take up one of Garble's dares. Bathtub tastes gross."

Twilight rolled her eyes with a grumble and continued cleaning up the water.

A heavy pounding came from the locked door.

"FBI OPEN UP!" a Royal Guard's voice shouted, followed by more pounding, "WE HAVE EVIDENCE OF YOUR ILLEGAL POSSESSION OF AN EDIBLE BATHTUB."

Spike burped again, this time in fear.

"You'll never take us alive!" Twilight hollered in return, grabbing her assistant and teleporting away.

Nobody would ever know what happened to the bathtub that day.

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