• Published 6th Jan 2016
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What If... - TheMajorTechie

A buncha stories based off of random "What if?" questions.

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Story pitch: A Dream Ended

Author's Note:

Aw, heck. I said I didn't want to pay much mind to this idea, but here I am, spewing horsewords yet again. I still don't think I'll be doing much with this idea, but given my track record for the chapter that spawned Pony-Me, who knows? Maybe I'll be writing a blog jabbing fun at this author's note some two years later or something.

The main issues that I've got with this pitch are the following:

  • There's a good chance the story would fade and die off given the 6 active stories I already have.
  • It's a major shift away from the main theme and tone of Pony-Me.
  • It just feels... cheap. Though I've been toying with potential ideas for sequels to Pony-Me for the past few months, jumping on the bandwagon and making the sequel about the end of Gen 4 feels like a cheap shot to me. It wouldn't be like the stories filling the site with emotion. It'd just be... empty. A cash-grab for attention, in a way. Though I decidedly yeet them out the window when it comes to comedy, I do still have personal standards for my own stories, and a cheapskate sequel is definitely not gonna be up to snuff.
  • Holy hecc brain stop distracting yourself when you're working on original fiction.

So it turns out that the Equestria everypony had known wasn't quite real. Yes, the lives they lived, the friends they made-- those were real, at the very least... but many times, the end only brings about a new beginning.

Nopony knows this better than Twilight Sparkle.

It only takes one moment, one decision. After all, nothing can last forever.

Nobody knows this better than Lisa Garnet.

The past made way for the present, which makes way for the future. The things we love come and go, entering and fading from our lives on a constant basis.

Decades down the road, the time has finally come to retire Pony-Me. The process to shut down the network was meant to be quick and painless to those unfortunate enough to live only as AI. Lisa and Twilight, once upon a time, had agreed to this, each knowing that eventually, as all things do, Equestria must end.

But maybe... just maybe, there's still life yet to the old machines.

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