• Published 6th Jan 2016
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What If... - TheMajorTechie

A buncha stories based off of random "What if?" questions.

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Unpublished story #3: [μParallels]?



Short description:

What happens when you vanish every so often into a pocket dimension? Well, you make that place your own.

Long description:

Flickering Horizon once thought that it was normal. He thought that everypony could see those seemingly random flashes of blinding white. However, all it took was one ill-timed event to turn his entire world-- worlds, on their heads.

At least he isn't bored.

Based off of a chapter from What If...?


This was what I planned to be the sequel to Pony-Me, going even as far as copying the structure of the short and long descriptions. The main difference was that it was a spritual sequel; it did not build on Pony-Me's lore, nor did it contain the same characters. Instead, it focused on an Earth Pony OC named Flickering Horizon, who, as the name suggests, would flicker in and out of existence, transported randomly between the world of Equestria, and a "blank-slate" pocket universe where they had full control over absolutely everything.

In the end, I decided against publishing this story, and instead balled it in with a second story pitch I made here in What If about a story where everything was overly generic. This new story would become Worlds Reset. Flickering Horizon would be replaced by Amber, and instead of being a pocket universe, the "blank-slate" world would become an infectious, world-wiping catastrophe that would leave all of Equestria wiped of any defining traits. I certainly liked the direction of Worlds Reset more than I did with μParallels, and so that story would go on instead to become Pony-Me's spiritual sequel. Though, I do want to eventually publish a full sequel. I left the story open-ended for a reason...

Chapter 1: Knock knock, it's the world.

"Flick, wake up!"

I groaned, turning my head to face the source of the voice.

"Wake up already, Flicker," my best friend coaxed with a whisper, "Cheerilee's in the middle of a lesson!"

"Fine, fine," I grumbled, lifting my muzzle off the desk, "What part are we on right now?"

"Multiplication tables."

I groaned again, returning to my faceplanted position. "Too easy," I silently complained, "Lightning, didn't we learn this last year?"

Lightning Rod shook his head.

"Darn, I swear we did all of this before already."

I lifted my head off the desk again, visible marks beginning to show from lying on a pencil. I let out a loud yawn, leaning back in my seat as I filled out the table on my assignment paper.

"I still don't understand how you can hold a pencil with your hoof, Flick," Lightning mused, "Not very many ponies can do that, y'know."

Before I could respond, my vision was suddenly bathed in pure light, flashing back almost immediately after to the familiar classroom.

"Woah," Lightning gawked, "That happened."

I raised a brow, bending over to pick up my pencil from the floor.

"No response? Flick, you just teleported. You're an earth pony! How can you do that?! You got to show me someda--"


I glanced back up, pencil in hoof, at a concerned Cheerilee.

"Lightning Rod," she began, facing my friend, "Please keep it quiet. I'm trying to teach a class."

She turned to me next.

"As for you, Flicker, I recommend you go see Twilight about your abrupt... teleportation."

"Teleportation?" I replied, glancing to Lightning, "Are you sure that I teleported? I just saw this weird white flash, that's all."

Miss Cheerilee let out a drawn-out sigh, stepping away from us to continue teaching.

Lightning leaned over to me. "But seriously," he whispered, "How did you do it? You just suddenly vanished for a tiny bit, and then reappeared right after your pencil hit the floor. Everypony saw it."

"What do you mean, they saw it?" I countered, "I just saw a white flash for a second or two. Doesn't everypony sometimes have that happen to them? I talked about them with my mom and she said that it's usually because I have a bad headache and stuff."

"Did you ever see those flashes while other ponies were around?"

"Ssh!" Miss Cheerilee shushed.

I shook my head.

"Well, then that's why you didn't know that you're doing what you did until now."

I cocked my head, "What do you mean?"

"I mean that you're right about ponies sometimes getting white flashes with a headache, what you're doing is completely different!"

"Lightning Rod, would you please speak more quietly?" Cheerilee scolded, "Or would you like for me to move your seat?"

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