• Published 6th Jan 2016
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What If... - TheMajorTechie

A buncha stories based off of random "What if?" questions.

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Pinkie Pie had chocolate syrup for blood, while all the ponies of Equestria suddenly gained hands while Rainbow Trix fought Sweetie Giraffe for dominance?

Author's Note:

Y'all'd've done the same, Zapper frost, The Spy of the Tiger, and amf studios!

"HANDS!" Lyra screeched into Bon Bon's ear, "I HAVE HANDS! MY DREAMS HAVE COME TRUUUUUEEEEE!"

Bon Bon rolled her eyes, playfully swatting away Lyra with her own hand. "We all have hands, Lyra. Something to do with reality malfunctioning."


"Bon Bon, do you hear something?"



Pinkie Pie smacked both mares upside the head with her h a n d s as she continued her chocolate-fueled rampage... quite literally chocolate-fueled, too, given how for whatever reason she convinced Twilight to figure out a way to replace the majority of her blood with chocolate syrup.

But hold up, what's going on over there in the background?

Why, it's Sweetie Giraffe in all her glorious tallness, incinerating all those who stand in her way with those beautiful laser eyes of hers! And-- wait a moment, she's turning-- ah, she has discovered the Great and Powerful Rainbow Trix, the deity of breakfast cereal specifically denied to rabbits! Are we gonna have a battle?

You bet your butt we will!

Sweetie Giraffe beamed a laser at Rainbow Trix, who simply yawned as she put up a shield to deflect the attack. Growling in frustration at not being able to instantly incinerate something that was shorter than her, Sweetie's cutie mark turned into an angry face and the word "no", and she began to fire more lasers.

Of course, Rainbow Trixie dodged and blocked them all. And then-- wait, Rainbow Trixie, behind you! Oh geez oh no she's wearing Airpods! She's too rich to hear us! Oh noooooo--

Sweetie Giraffe snaked her head around to the back of the grooving Rainbow Trixie and readied more eyeball-lasers.

And then Pinkie Pie showed up and slapped both of them with her



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