• Published 6th Jan 2016
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What If... - TheMajorTechie

A buncha stories based off of random "What if?" questions.

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Twilight never had friends to begin with?

Author's Note:

Early Halloween chapter! Have fun with Twilight's Frankenstein-esque FriendBotTM!

"Hehe..." Twilight chuckled maniacally, deep within her not-so-underground laboratory, "If I can't make friends..." she began, "I'll MAKE them!"

"Twilight," Spike noted from beneath the pile of cloth that was his oversized labcoat, "You just said that you'll make friends if you can't make friends."

"EXACTLY!" Twilight cackled, the Dramatic Sparks of ElectricityTM crackling about her on the glowing screens mounted across the walls and ceiling.

"Yeah." Spike noted, slipping from his labcoat, "She's lost it. Again. I'm out. See ya!"

Twilight, entirely oblivious to Spike's departure from the lab, continued her psychotic bout of laughter for about another half an hour, before her now-sore throat forced her to stop in a flurry of coughing.

Once she recovered, however, her eyes set on the large, red button in the middle of the barren control panel of her latest creation.

Instantly, her crazed grin reemerged, and her hoof slammed flatly against the aforementioned button.

"BOOTING FRIENDBOT REVISION 2." A metallic voice echoed across the building, "PLEASE PROVIDE A NAME FOR FRIENDBOT."

The room went silent for a moment, save for the clacking of a keyboard.

"NAME REGISTERED: TWILIGHT'S FRIENDBOT." the voice screeched, taking the name Twilight had just entered.

"TWILIGHT'S FRIENDBOT WANTS TO BE FRIENDS WITH TWILIGHT." it continued, slowly growing quieter as the program uploaded itself to a metallic body.

The patchwork creation of tin cans and scrapyard junk rose from the test bench, lumbering loudly towards Twilight.

"HAHA!" Twilight bellowed, before being tackled by the scrap heap of a robot in a crushing hug.

Spike licked the ice cream, completely oblivious to the world as his mind spiralled inwards towards pondering about his adoptive mother's internal insanity.

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