• Published 6th Jan 2016
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What If... - TheMajorTechie

A buncha stories based off of random "What if?" questions.

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Applejack was an Alicorn?

Author's Note:

Sequel to the previous chapter.

Applejack awoke with a groan, inside her own mind. Coincidentally, it appeared that she was now an Alicorn. That being said, she naturally supposed that she was now within her own dreamscape. And so, she proceeded to buck herself out of her own dream, 'cause that's what you can do when you realize that you're in a dream.

Following the not-so-crazy event of Applejack waking up, she quickly made a trip to her bunker's bathroom. Silently, she stared in shock at the now-skewered hat that sat atop her head. Shakily glancing downwards, she could see peanut-butter coated wingtips quivering in the cold, recycled air of the bunker.

Lastly, her cutie mark was now peanut-butter coated apples for some reason.

Besides that, everything appeared normal.

"Hello!" a jar of peanut butter called from the kitchen with a meek voice, "Eat me!"


"BUCK IT!" She suddenly screeched as her face snapped into a wide grin, "NOTHIN' MAKES SENSE ANYMORE!" She then followed through by bursting from the top of her triple-reinforced carbon fiber/steel/concrete/Nokia hybrid bunker, in the process creating a spontaneous explosion due to the large amount of randomly placed oil barrels surrounding the area.

"BUCK DIS HERE WASTELAND!" She hollered as her eyes began glowing with the light of a thousand suns. In an instant, a massive beam of light shot down from the heavens above, rejuvenating not only the land, but...

The pear tree.

Applejack spotted the pear tree amongst the shuddering piles of blue-green algae jello, and with the power of her conjoined twin frog thrusters, she blasted off at the speed of light towards the tree.

"AH'M GONNA GIT YA!" the mare shrieked as she proceeded to randomly quantum-tunnel straight through the tree, the ground, and everything else, causing her to be violently ejected at the other side of the world, and be sent hurtling towards Discord's backyard.

And then the universe got tired of all this crap, and pressed F5 to refresh.

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