• Published 6th Jan 2016
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What If... - TheMajorTechie

A buncha stories based off of random "What if?" questions.

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Queen Chrysalis was one of the Mane Six?

"I'm Rainbow Dash!" the blue pegasus suddenly exclaimed, "I'm a pegasus!"

All at once, the rest of the mares (and dragon) in the room abruptly stopped what they were doing, choosing instead to stare at Rainbow.

"Ah'm sure you're our good ol' Dash, but aren't ya pushin' it a bit far now?" Applejack replied, eyeing the subject of her speech.

Rainbow rolled her eyes. "What I mean is that... well..." she trailed off, before suddenly enveloping in a green flame, revealing none other than Queen Chrysalis.

"CHANGELING!" the mares collectively gasped, This was quickly followed by "Quick, call the guards!", "I've got mace!", and "Want me to send her to Celestia through Dragonfire?"

Chrysalis rolled her eyes at the chaos. She'd seen much in her days as the hive leader, but typically it was far more controllable than... this.

Finally, with a sigh, she groaned "Girls, girls. Don't be scared. I really am Rainbow Dash, okay? I mean, sure, you might've seen Chrysalis at the wedding and kidnapping the royal family and all, but THAT. WASN'T. ME.

"Yeah, right, bug."

"GO BACK TO YOUR BUGGY HOLE MEANIE QUEENIE!" Pinkie shouted, pointing an accusing hoof at the queen.

Once again, Chrysalis was mostly unfazed by the absurdity of the situation. After all, when she handed the reigns to Chrysalis II, she had already warned her heir about the trivialities of handling mass confusion. And besides, she'd been this 'Rainbow Dash' mare for years now, following the initial rainboom that had killed the original.

'Cause obviously, breaking the speed of sound without any proper protective gear would likely tear you to shreds and burn you with friction. And that's exactly what happened there. And it just so happened that the newly retired Chrysalis had been wandering by, watching for a place in society to fit into.

She turned back into her 'Rainbow Dash"' form. "Okay, geez, you don't have to freak out about the fact that I'm actually a bug. Go ask my parents or something. They'd tell you the same thing."

"And that is?"

"And that is that I'm a changeling queen that got sick and tired of running a hive."

Suddenly, Twilight's face lit up. "What if we test you to see if you're actually Rainbow Dash?"

Dash shrugged. "Why not? I've already grown into this form enough to the point of which I practically am the original. How would a test do anything?"

"Because," Twilight replied, "we're gonna see if the Elements of Harmony work with you as the bearer of Loyalty!"

Fluttershy raised a hoof. "Um, Twilight? If the Elements of Harmony don't activate with her, then wouldn't Equestria be in... trouble?"

Twilight facehoofed. "Well, you think of a way to solve this then!"


One Season Finale Later...

"Boy, did that thing take a beating!" Chrysalis cheered, "We really did whoop it's but, didn't we?"

In the background, the remains of a giant multidimensional orc sat burning in the middle of a smoldering rainbow crater.

And of course, the rest of the mares simply stared.

"Y-you... you are Rainbow Dash?!" Twilight sputtered, spinning around.

Chrysalis grinned, reverting back to her 'Dashie' form.

And then Chrysalis II landed beside her. She hungrily eyed the Princess of Friendship.

"Ooh, Twilight, I've been waiting for so long now to get my revenge..."

Chrysalis cocked her head. "I thought that you imprisoned all of us already back at the hive for 'Crimes against 'lingkind'."

"Yes, but my plan was never fully carried out, mother!"

"Wait, what?" sputtered Chrysalis, still in her Rainbow Dash form.

Chrysalis II glared at the former queen. "You're my mother."


"Oh no, it's most definitely true, you told me yourself, remember?"



"STOOOOOOOOOP!" Spike wailed, holding his claws over his ears. "Just please, stop acting like foals! Think of our sanity!"

Chrysalis shrugged, dropping all signs of argument as she summoned a padlocked box from the hammerspace.

"Here." she said sternly, "Take a look at this."

Chrysalis II narrowed her eyes at the colorfully wrapped present that emerged from the box. "The secret present that you always talked about?"

"Yes, my 'child'. Open it, and you'll discover the truth."

Chrysalis II hastily tore open the box, only to find a single note.


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