• Published 6th Jan 2016
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What If... - TheMajorTechie

A buncha stories based off of random "What if?" questions.

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Sneak peek + question about Worlds Reset?

Author's Note:

Just a snippet of the unfinished first chapter.

Also, would you rather prefer this be its own, separate story from Pony-Me, with its own lore and history and such, or would you prefer it to build directly upon Pony-Me itself?

'Cause honestly, I really don't want to jump into writing anything continuing Pony-Me soo soon yet, but some of my prereaders have been pushing for it...

Freakin' geez, mom, Amber mentally seethed, storming down the stairs into her foyer, Can you let me have time to myself for just a bucking minute without you barging in?

She spotted her breakfast on the table but nevertheless ignored it with another eyeroll, slinging her bags over her back and making a beeline for the door.

Once outside, the mare let out a deep sigh, taking in the sunlight hitting her face as a breeze rippled through her mane. Putting on her usual façade, she promptly made her way down the street. A brief glint caught her eye as she passed a window, causing her to slow. She turned back, brows furrowed as she stepped closer to the window.

Nothing out of the ordinary, Amber dismissed, turning away from the glass, Probably just a reflection of a passing bird or something...

Her steps slowed to a halt yet again as a piercing, metallic tone began to screech through the air. She shook her head and continued walking.

I guess mom was right about staying up so late. I'm going loopy now, aren't I?

She came to an intersection as the screech began to subside. A shiver went up her spine as she saw an approaching carriage draw near. It passed her, the stallion pulling it nodding a silent "Hello" as he traveled to who-knows-where with his passenger.

Heh, Amber mentally chuckled, Things would get pretty interesting for once if I decided to just... stick a hoof out and cause a little--

The same carriage passed her again, the stallion pulling it giving the same, friendly nod as he passed by.

The mare frowned, rubbing her eyes as she stared down the road. Both carriage and stallion had vanished from view. She looked back in the direction they'd come from, and--

"Woah, there! Careful, miss!" the stallion exclaimed, swerving around her, "You're gonna get hurt if you stick your hoof out into the road like that!"

Okay, this is getting a little weird...

Amber took a step back, her hoof beginning to sink into the concrete sidewalk. Her eyes went wide as she pulled it from the ground, only to find that the rest of her hooves had also begun to sink.

"H-help!" the mare yelped, fear creeping into her voice, "What the hay is going on?!"

She heard her voice echo on for seemingly forever. That strange twinkle of light from the night before had seemingly returned as well, fixed in place in the morning sky. Though, it seemed... bigger now. Not by much, but it had seemingly grown overnight.

A shockwave abruptly ripped past the mare, blowing her mane in every direction as the very sky itself appeared to ripple. The ground beneath her buckled, and she felt the concrete pavement once again solidify around her hooves, trapping her partway into the ground.

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