• Published 6th Jan 2016
  • 4,232 Views, 2,703 Comments

What If... - TheMajorTechie

A buncha stories based off of random "What if?" questions.

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every other pony turned into a cat?

Author's Note:

( •_•)>⌐■-■ Take these sunglasses, AnObliviousAuthor. You'll need 'em.

Gamercat Luna hissed, swatting away Celestia's hoof.

"Sister, for the last time, I'm only trying to revert you to your equine form."



Luna swat away Celestia's hoof again. She proceeded to knock three cups off a table, strut across the frosting on one of her sister's cakes, and fall asleep on a keyboard.

Don't get me started on the chaos swirling about in Ponyville.

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