• Published 6th Jan 2016
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What If... - TheMajorTechie

A buncha stories based off of random "What if?" questions.

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What if...

After many years of studying in the Royal Canterlot Archives, Twilight finally closed the cover of the final book. She set her head down gently, and sighed, "Finally, the last book." She got up, and pushed her chair in.

A few minutes later, she stepped outside. It had been weeks since she had seen the sun, let alone feel the cool breeze blow through her mane. She smiled as the warm rays of sunlight struck her full in the face, gradually warming her from the inside out. She opened her eyes and began to walk back home.

On the way towards the train station, it hit her; She now had absolutely nothing left to do.

~~~~~===+++{Twilight's Castle}+++===~~~~~

Twilight burst through the door, panting heavily. "SPIKE!" She yelled, her voice echoing all around the halls. "I NEED YOU TO FIND ME SOMETHING TO DO NOW!"

It had become increasingly normal for Spike to hear Twilight slam the door open and yell something, and so he simply hopped down the stairs, comic book still in hand. "What do you want to do, specifically?" He asked, half-reading a particularly humorous section of his book.

Twilight continued shouting, "ANYTHING, PLEASE! I JUST WANT SOMETHING TO DO!!!"

Spike looked around. "Uh, maybe try reading a book?"

Twilight shook her head frantically. "No, no more books, I've already read them all."

They both sat quiet for a few minutes, thinking of things that Twilight could do without having to give up her royal duties as the Princess of Friendship. Finally, Spike spoke up. "Maybe instead of reading a book..." Twilight's attention immediately became focused on Spike, and only Spike. "... you could try writing a book."

Twilight gasped. "Thanks, Spike! I never even considered thinking about that!" She paused for a moment. "... but what should I write about?"

For hours, Twilight sat in the corner of her bedroom, staring out the window overlooking Ponyville. She thought of the CMC and the adventures they had, her friends, the battles she had fought, they all seemed like good candidates to write a story on, but at the same time, she knew that many areas would become colorless and boring. At last, a stray thought wandered into her mind. She began to whisper to herself.

"What if..."

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