• Published 6th Jan 2016
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What If... - TheMajorTechie

A buncha stories based off of random "What if?" questions.

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The author decided to write a chapter at 12:34 AM?

Author's Note:

Seriously. I want to write something, but for most of the day either my internet's been down, or I've had to do something.

Have a chapter written while I'm half asleep.


Twilight groaned as she stared at the eternally melting ice cream. It had been prior awarded with the prestigious "Ultimate-OCD-Inducer" award, and was currently proudly on display directly in front of Twilight.

She just wanted to lick the thing, and yet... every time she attempted to, she would be flung thirty feet back, along with an instant brainfreeze. It was part of the protection spell, after all.

Twice she had charged the shield, desperate to lick the slowly dripping ice cream.

Twice she had failed.

The third time, she had been frozen inside a block of ice. Made of vinegar popsicles.

The fourth time, Tirek was summoned, but was ultimately smitten by an avalanche out of nowhere. (And he's still trying to get out of the banana-split of doom.)

The fifth time, Pinkie Pie had been forcefully ejected from the universe, only to come screaming back in a pony cannonball.

The sixth time, Twilight was given a golem of no purpose. She promptly left it in her basement, along with Derpy.

The seventh time, she nearly managed to lick the ice cream. She could smell it, though. It was vanilla, with a hint of chocolate.

The eighth time, she finally managed to lick it.

The ice cream proceeded to implode on Twilight's tongue, followed by an explosion of mind-boggling perception.

Suddenly, Twilight saw the universe. No, the multiverse. She saw the flow of time as it criss-crossed itself along the lines of reality. She watched as Discord bathed in his pocket universe of rubber duckies. She saw some weird-lookin' thingies that vaguely resembled ponies in a parallel universe in which Gen 1 never ended.

And worst of all, she found the universe that was made entirely of the unlickable, eternally melting ice creams.

She screamed.

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