• Published 6th Jan 2016
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What If... - TheMajorTechie

A buncha stories based off of random "What if?" questions.

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Rainbow and Rarity Switched Species?

Author's Note:

A scenario suggested by: YakkoMLP10

(Also, sorry YakkoMLP10, but switching their careers would get a bit weird if they're species swapped. I'll do a career swap next.)

Rainbow awoke with a yawn, light, fluffy bubbles escaping her flaplike mouth.

Wait, that can't be right, she thought, watching the bubbles rise. I'm a pony, not a--

Then, it struck her. She was a trout. A Rainbow Trout.

"Huh," she mumbled as she swam about in the lake, "not too shabby, either. This'll be just like flying!"

Rainbow flew through the air-- or at least, as close as jumping out of the water can be to flying.

That is, until she landed head-first into a net.

"GOT'ER!" Pinkie shouted happily as she waved the net with the struggling Rainbow Dash in front of Twilight.

"Good," Twilight replied, "now we can change her back."

A quick flash of light later, and Rainbow Dash was back to normal, albeit quite wet.

The sound of Rarity's scream echoed throughout all of Ponyville.

"WHAT. AM. I?!" She yelled, tossing her mirror with a hand.

Sweetie Bell arrived quickly, her mouth agape at the monstrosity in front of her.

Two legs, two dangly-front leg things with tiny flesh tentacles, a weird placement of... uh, milk jugs, and to top it off, where are her muzzle and ears?!

Rarity frantically ran back towards the cracked mirror, stumbling horrendously as she did so. The only thing that kept her from hurting her behind was a soft, almost velvety robe that she had woken up in.

She touched her face with her finger, shrieking once again at the realization that she had said fingers.

"WHAT ARE THESE?!" She shouted once again, glaring at her wriggling fingers.

"WHATARETHOO--" She began again as she pointed at her feet, only to be cut off by Twilight's hoof.

"Stop it, Rarity. You're human."

"Oh, human, you say?" Rarity suddenly replied in a surprisingly calm manner, "Well, then this actually isn't all that bad! These... uh, hands that I have now will greatly enhance my dexterity, allowing me to sew at a much high--"

Rarity was cut off once again, only this time by a projectile Lyra.

"Ohmygoshit'sahuman!" She suddenly blurted, grabbing Rarity by the arm, "Where'd you get her, Twilight? I want my own human too!"

Twilight facehoofed.

"That's Rarity, Lyra. I was just about to change her back."

Rarity sat down, Lyra still clinging fiercely to her arm.

"Well, if you're gonna change me back, then how did we change in the first place?"

Twilight nervously glanced at her hooves, then towards Rainbow Dash, then Rarity again.

"I sneezed on the Cutie Map while casting a transmutation spell."

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