• Published 6th Jan 2016
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What If... - TheMajorTechie

A buncha stories based off of random "What if?" questions.

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This chapter was written on a phone with all the plagues of autocorrect?

Author's Note:

Oh boy, I wonder how well autocorrect deals with pony names!

Anything it messes up becomes part of the story!

(That is, I'm not going back through to correct any mistakes that autocorrect screwed up.) :trollestia:


"Yes, Rainbow?" Twilight replied, glancing up from the latest edition of 'Your Dragon and You: book 3'.

Rainbow paused for a moment, hesitating to reply. "I-- I..."

Twilight rolled her eyes and smirked. "You love me?"

Rainbow choked. "NO!" She shouted, slamming her hooves into the table. "It's Fluttershy!"

"So, you love Fluttershy?"


"You HATE glitter shy?!

Rainbow stared questionably at her friend. "Glitter shy?" She asked, "who's that?"

Twilight snorted. "No, I said Flutter shy!"

"Why did you pause in the middle of flutter shy's name?" Rainbow continues, "Wait... Why am I doing thaoi?!"

Twilight tilted her head. "Thaoi?" She asked rainbow, "what does that mean?"

"I don't love fluttery, BT i don't hate her either! She's just a friend!"

Twilight shot a sideways glance at rainbow, a look filled with a menacing, dark glare...

"Riiiiiight." Twilight purred, "JUST a friend."

"What--no-- HEY!" rainbow replied, "that's not nice!"

Twilight grinned. "Who said I was Twilight? Who said I was EVER twilight?" The mare continued, standing up from her seat, "Why, for all you may know, I may just be your beloved Twilight, when in reality, I could be a--" she lashed out with a hoof at Rainbow, but held back just enough to avoid contact. "--ferocious beast of the Everfree--" her horn lot up, accompanied by the telltale signs of dark magic from her eyes "--a reincarnation of Sombra--" and finally, she gracefully somersaulted over Rainbow's head, landing as if she had simply taken a single step. "--a ninja, perhaps."

Rainbow simply stared as she watched the made she thought she knew make her way towards the door.

"In the end," twilight continued, "It isn't the pony that defines themselves, but rather their interpretation by others. It's your choice to see me as you wish, whether for the better or the worse."

The sound of the door shutting echoed throughout the crystal room.

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