• Published 6th Jan 2016
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What If... - TheMajorTechie

A buncha stories based off of random "What if?" questions.

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twenty more chapters of ponies being turned into household appliances?

Author's Note:


Phantune did it.

jk jk it's 20 different scenarios in 1 chapter

Scenario 1: Luna becomes a Gameboy.

"Huzzah!" Luna's chiptune voice chirped. "My crippling addiction to vidya gaems hath transmuted me into one!"

Luna the second removed the Princess Luna cartridge from her Princess Luna Gameboy.

"Man. I hate shovelware games."

Scenario 2: Applejack is a food processor.

"Apple Bloom, Ah can explain. Just put the apple in mah head, and then we can talk over some nice applesauce."


Scenario 3: Twilight has transformed into a pocket calculator.

Spike snickered, typing in "80085" on Twilight's keypad.

"Can you not?"



Scenario 4: Rainbow Dash = 3D printer.

"The print bed needs to be... about 20% hotter."

Scootaloo raised a brow.

"Your prints aren't sticking."

"Aw, so I have to start over with my glider frame?"

"Yup. Sorry, Scoots."

Scenario 5: Sunset Shimmer the stovetop griddle.

*bacon sizzling noises*

Scenario 6: Flash Sentry is the perfect flashlight.

"This sucks." Flash Sentry's singular eye flickered on, banishing the shadows of the room. "Everything sucks."

The pony holding him swung to Twilight.

"Everything sucks a little less no--"

They proceeded to turn off the Flash-light.

Scenario 7: Ever wanted to know what a Celestia alarm clock is like?


Moondancer groaned, kicking Celestia the alarm clock off her nightstand.

Scenario 8: Sweetie Belle the... ICBM?

Sweetie Belle stared at you, the reader.

"Wait, none of you have weapons of mass destruction stockpiled in your homes? Lame. How are you supposed to defend your secret of being a robot powered by alien technology when you're too afraid to make things go boom?"

Scenario 9: Starlight Glimmer connects you to the internet.

"Dangit, my internet died again! Why isn't this new router fixing things?!"

Starlight Glimmer rolled her eyes. It wasn't her fault this pony used Comcast.

Scenario 10: Queen Chrysalis is an automatic cheese grater.

"You mock me."

Spike continued grating the block of cheddar. "Well excuuuuuse me, your royal hole-yness, but I need grated cheese at 3 in the morning for a reason!"

Scenario 11: Princess Cadance the point-and-shoot camera.

The two ponies leaned in closer.

"You know, I'm actually perfectly fine with this."

They held each other's hooves.

Cadance snapped a picture. "Ooh, lewd!"

Scenario 12: Flurry Heart, radio.


Scenario 13: Cozy Glow becometh multi-USB charging station.

"Haha, I hold all the power!"

Twilight sighed. "Yes you do, Cozy. Now, will you please charge my phone?"


Scenario 14: Big Mac the home surround sound system.

The loudest and most mind-blowing "Eyup" in the west™.

Scenario 15: Derpy is a lava lamp. This is perfectly logical.

That's it. She's a lava lamp.

Derpy grinned. Somehow.

Scenario 16: Soarin' the desk fan.

"So... hot..." Rainbow Dash panted. "I... don't... have any other choice... my--only... fan--"

She hit the button on Soarin, letting out a drowsy sigh as cool air began to blow over her face.

haha onlyfans funny funny joek

Scenario 17: Vinyl Scratch is an iPod, and that actually fits her quite well.

Dubstep blared over the Big Mac sound system.

Octavia proceeded to receive 53 noise complaints.

Scenario 18: Lyra the... fingerprint reader?

Lyra slowly licks your finger, keeping eye contact with you the entire time. Why did you buy this fingerprint reader again? You just had to pick the mint-green model, didn't you? All because you got tired of typing in your password.

You absolute fool.

"Scanned!" Lyra licked her lips. "Would you like to scan again?"


Scenario 19: Fluttershy is quite literally a refrigerator.

we do not speak of how much lunchmeat is in there.

Scenario 20: Night Light the... nightlight.

Night Light glowed.

The end.

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