• Published 6th Jan 2016
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What If... - TheMajorTechie

A buncha stories based off of random "What if?" questions.

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Spike hatched Twilight?

Author's Note:

Here's to you, twidash1993, ya beautiful internet user.

Holy crap I could make an adventure story outta this chapter.

Spike concentrated harder, his claws digging painfully into his palm as he focused on the egg in front of him. Just outside, a young Ember zoomed past, breaking his concentration for a brief moment... A moment enough for his mind to stray from his current task, and board a train of thought that'd result in the ricocheting of his focused dragonfire all around the room, leaving a trail of flames everywhere it went.

Into the flames went the priceless carpet underneath the young drake's feet.

Into the flames went the intricate drapes obscuring the windows.

Into the flames went his parents, of whom were unscathed, unlike the previous accidental targets.

Has it been mentioned that his dragonfire is enchanted? 'Cause it is.


The green flames hit the lavender egg straight-on, engulfing the fragile shell with an enchanted green blaze that only grew in size as it consumed its surroundings.

Curiously, however, the egg itself went unharmed. In fact, it appeared to now be on the verge of--



"Well then," Dragon Lord Torch grumbled, blinking away the soot in his face from the earlier ricocheting flames, "You... pass?"

Spike beamed with glee, too absorbed in his excitement and little celebration to currently notice the glowing-white-eyed-filly who was currently rising ominously from the eggshell.

"WHO DARES AWAKEN THE ALICORN OF MAGIC?!" The filly's voice boomed as a pair of wings unfurled on the unicorn's back, "ANSWER, OR PAY THE CONSEQUENCES."

Dragon Lord Torch sighed, shaking his head before blowing out the enchanted flames fueling the newly-hatched filly's abrupt rise to goddess-hood.

At once, the lighting in the room returned to normal, and the noticeably non-winged unicorn filly dropped back into the eggshell, before peeking over the edge and blowing a raspberry at nobody in particular.

"So, what're you gonna name her, Spike?"

Spike frowned, frantically looking around the room for something that was name-worthy. His eyes landed on the title of a... particular book on the Dragon Lord's personal bookshelf.

"Twilight..." he began, reading the title off in a hurry before turning his attention in the opposite direction. The kitchen doors swung open for a moment, allowing for a particularly-iridescent gem to send a beam of light in his direction.

"...Sparkle," he finished, folding his stubby arms, "Twilight Sparkle. That's what I'll name her."

"Ga!" Twilight responded, tumbling from the eggshell onto the floor.

"Wait a second. Ponies don't lay eggs!"

His frown returning, Spike stared into Twilight's eyes.

The captive soul of an otherworldly Princess stared back at him.

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