• Published 6th Jan 2016
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What If... - TheMajorTechie

A buncha stories based off of random "What if?" questions.

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It was all a simulation?

Twilight looked up from her book out of boredom. Not that there was anything of particular interest, but still.

A bookshelf sat directly opposite to her.

And for some reason, Spike was making a ridiculous pose.

Twilight gazed back towards her book.

In a surprising burst of sound, Spike suddenly teleported clear to the other side of the room, before once again "freezing" at the door.

Raising a brow, Twilight rose, and cantered towards Spike.

Except Spike was gone. He was beside the chair Twilight was sitting in, seemingly asking her a question, though she wasn't there.

Twilight sighed, and sat back down.

At the same time, Spike zipped towards the door again, right next to where Twilight was just standing.

And then it all came down.

The walls, floor, ceiling, and everything in the room, save for Twilight herself, dramatically disintegrated into flecks of indistinguishable particles.

And then it was dark.

"Timeout error." a large, red block-text blared in Twilight's face, "Please reconnect to continue."

"What." Twilight deadpanned, waking in the real world from her hospital bed, shaking the VR headset from her face.

Except she wasn't a pony anymore. She was a human. And according to her wristband, she'd been unconscious for over a decade.

"What." she repeated again, staring back at the strange "Pony-Me Experience!" headset.

Author's Note:

I could probably turn this into a full-on fic if I wanted to, but nah. I'm just building off the suggestion of turning my slow/dead-internet frustrations into a chapter.

Edit: Eh. I'd might as well make a one-shot out of this. It's not like my internet's gonna let me do much else anyways.

Screw the one-shot, I'm writing a novel-length story at this point. :pinkiecrazy:

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