• Published 6th Jan 2016
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What If... - TheMajorTechie

A buncha stories based off of random "What if?" questions.

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crappy red and black edgy alicorn OCs invaded Equestria?

Author's Note:

Butter Knife will be seeing you now, Zapper frost.

"Move aside, Celly," Butter Knife grumbled, shoving Princess Celestia from her throne, "It's time for a new ruler to take the reins of the country."

"But I--"

"BANISHMENT!" Slicey-Knifey hollered, calling her red-and-black alicorn army forth to take away Celestia.

Slick Slice ruled with an iron hoof, because she lost the hoof in the great war for ultimate power over the abridged universes of whatever when she dove over her younger sibling to save them from the imperial army of darkness and evil.

Boy, was that a mouthful. Anyways, she failed, obviously, because she's got an iron hoof now. And dead parents. And nobody ever loved her. And because her power levels were too OP for anypony else to comprehend.

ANYWAYS, Milk-derived-breakfast-spread Metal-separation-and-spreading-tool frowned as she sat upon her red and black throne, her red and black horn and wings displayed proudly in a show of her OP-ness.

Also, she couldn't smile because she was always frowning. And stuff.

And Equestria Airtseuqe lived drearily never before. Because backwards words sometimes make things look edgy, and Butter Knife likes edgy even though she's not even sharp. Because butter knife.

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