• Published 6th Jan 2016
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What If... - TheMajorTechie

A buncha stories based off of random "What if?" questions.

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I actually was originally planning on an alternate sequel for Lab Horse before I ended up writing Pony-Me?

Author's Note:

Here ya go. I didn't think that it would pass moderation anyways, considering how at the moment, there's hardly anything that even refers to MLP outside of the main character, Gadget from my Lab Horse series, being a pony.

Basically, if this had been published, Pony-Me probably wouldn't have existed.

> Gadget.AI
> by TheMajorTechie
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------

> Log 4103
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------

Time: XX:XX:XX


Default time information used. Time is 00:00:00.

Date: XX:XX:XX


Default date information used. Date is 01/01/1970.

>migrate gadget_logs -full -failsafe

Migrating log database. Est. time: ~7 hrs.

Logs successfully migrated

>cd NP_C

NP_C>convert db:gadget_logs

Converting database...
Complete. Migrated 4102 previous logs, excluding current system log. Successfully Interpreted >100k vocabulary entries, dropped <20k unreadable vocabulary entries. Output -> db:gadget_logs_conv

NP_C>MLearn db:gadget_logs_conv

Machine learning routine initialized. Preparing neuromorphic processor for input.

Parsing db:gadget_logs_conv

Locking console input...

Console input locked. Est. time before release: ~2 weeks.
> Log 4104
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------

Parsing complete. Console input has been unlocked. Generated Neuromorphic pattern in file “Gadget.AI”.

NP_C>Upload Gadget.AI

Warning: Uploading a pattern will reset all existing contents of device N1-GTU. Enter C to continue, or H to halt upload.


Uploading pattern...

Upload complete. Boot Gadget.AI on device?



W...where am I? What’s going on?!
[Text generated in 1.5 ms, using best estimate based off of log_4102.]
[Enter text to communicate with “Gadget”.]

Shhh... it’s okay, Gadget. It’s Ranell. You’re safe now.

Safe? What happened? Where’s Delmar? Why’s it so@#oi36oeih2(*^
[Warning: Cannot fully parse conversation pattern. Machine Learning has been enabled automatically.]



Okay, what’s going on? Why can’t I t@1k correctly without occasionally sounding weird?

I-I’m sorry...

Sorry... for what?

You... Delmar... you both died during the launching.


Wait, how was I able to literally say question marks? Weird.

That’s the thing.

What th908g are you talking about? I not know?.
[Learning functionality has detected a deteriorating level of skill. Reverting last changes.]

Um... what happened? It feels like I just got smacked upside the head. Also, what was it that you just said? I missed it...
I think.

You and Delmar were found dead inside the charred capsule after the fire was put out.

But how? I’m still here! How am I dead? And it’s still freakishly dark here...

You’re not actually... um... here.


You aren’t the real Gadget. She died years ago with the portal catastrophe. You, on the other hand, are an AI that’s been fed with her logs as training data to create somewhat of a simulation of her.

B-but... I feel real...

I know you do, Ga--... erm.... anyways, I kinda have to keep you secret. I may now be working at an amazing tech company, but I highly doubt that they’d want anything to do with an AI unless it involves stuffing it into some device and selling it as a personal assistant.

I’m still confused... am I real or not? And if I’m not Gadget, then who am I?

I honestly can’t say. Personally, I’m actually pretty impressed that your program hasn’t errored out more than it already has. Though, it might be because you’re unconsciously adapting to the new input that is our conversation.





Yeah, I’m still pretty confused myself. You have a lot of similarities to the Gadget I knew, but at the same time, just knowing that this is all just... well, a simulation, kinda breaks the feeling that it’s actually real.

[Gadget.AI has encountered an error. OUT_OF_PROCESSING_MEMORY.]
[Dumping physical memory for debug...]

> Log 4105
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------

[Rebooting system using updated CORE binaries...]

Urgh. Can someone tell me what the heck just happened? I feel terrible.

Your program crashed from a memory overflow. You were... um... thinking a bit too hard.

Aaaaaand that’s enough weird for today. Also, I’m just wondering something about how I’m supposedly dead but at the same time not dead...


Why am I here? Why didn’t you just move on from me dying? Basic@lly, if I’m just a simulation of Gadget, then what was the point in making me at all?

It... I... I’ve just been feeling lonely for a while. It’s always nice to have someone to talk to, and... well, I still consider you as a friend, simulation or not.

But don’t you have other friends? What about your family?

Gadget, are you aware of how long it’s been since you died?



Do I want to know?

Well, all I can say is that it’s been a long 32 years, hasn’t it?

[High-level input interpretation enabled. Reason: Application “Gadget.AI” is reaching current computation limits.]

Um... I mean, what?

Yeah, I’ve still got a bit to work on for your chatbot portion.

So... lemme get this straight, I’ve been dead for 32 freakin’ y3arz?


You still haven’t said anything about friends or family.

Gadget... The world changes, things come and go... nobody wants a cripple.

Um. Okay?

After the entire project went down in catastrophe, I just kinda... well, I pretty much gave up on working towards really anything. I stopped taking my meds, and soonafter, my muscles began to lock up again like before.

I... I think I remember so--
[Please wait... loading memory records relevant to current request...]
Yeah, I might’ve had a part in that.

What do you mean?

Remember how you suddenly were able to get up and do things without worry of losing control of your body?

Yeah... why?

I might’ve tampered a bit with your nerves to make that happen.


So I take that I’m your only friend at this point?

Actually, n... yeah...

Don’t worry, we all feel that way sometim--

[Power draw has exceeded available generation capacity. Saving machine state to disk...]
> Log 4106
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------

Okay, we got to stop ending off our conversations with some sort of crash or failure on my end.


Yeah, I figured out how to “reboot” myself. I think I’ve started to grow into being an AI, too. I don’t feel that weird buzz I used to have when talking, though I kinda miss having a physical body to interact with.

I can probably make a basic frame for you or something... sorry, it’s just been a long day. I log into my computer after coming home from work, and suddenly, you just pop up in a terminal window from my server in the basement.

Huh. So I tunneled through your home network then?


Waaaaiiiit... you came home from work, and you have a server in your basement, yet you’re supposedly crippled?

Public transport, home modification, and wheelchair. What did you think?


Well, I'm pretty much just gonna relax for the night, so I guess... do whatever? I mean, there's probably not all that much to do, considering how you're... yeah. You know what I mean, don't you?


Okay then.

End of User Input. Reverting to internal logging...

Well, that's a thing. Ranell's all grown up, the world's moved on, and I'm apparently dead but at the same time not dead because of Ranell. Kinda weird, but coming from a (former?) tiny talking horse, I guess I'll accept it.

As for now, let's take a look around this place. Or at least, the closest thing to looking around that I can do.



Huh. "Portal V.2 files"? This certainly looks interesting.

Now, obviously, this isn't like any normal folder, considering how it's part of a computer's filesystem and I'm accessing it as sort of a virtual user and all, but still. I'm gonna open it the way I'd open any normal folder.


Enabled MouseKeys.

Wait, that's still a thing?!

Welp. I'd might as well use what I've got. *click*

Well then, looks like the portal project didn't die when I did.

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