• Published 6th Jan 2016
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What If... - TheMajorTechie

A buncha stories based off of random "What if?" questions.

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A bot wrote this chapter?

Author's Note:

Feel free to mess around as you'd like with the source.

What did I feed into the bot?

  • Pony-Me™
  • What If...
  • My English essay on the ethical use of Artificial Intelligence
  • My US History notes on the Civil War
  • Microsoft's Windows 10 license agreement

Yeah. Fed all of those at the same time into the bot. This is what it spat out.

The only things I added manually were punctuation and capitalization. All else was generated by the bot. :pinkiecrazy:

The progress of your lives was obtained from Kentucky banker laws. In fact, the device that you use daily serves as a reminder to all that personal privacy has shrunken greatly. Twilight Sparkle screeched across the land, many serious vehicles twirling through her ears.

"What are you doing to my daughter?!" The mare shrieked from behind her unwavering eyes, "Y'know the Confederacy could mobilize resources and then Illinois!"

Increasingly potent screaming horse noises distracted the Confederacy. Though Britain never recognized the means of intelligent ponies, Lincoln reaffirmed through informal struggles and services that the populace had grown accustomed to your own reflection. However, even with hellfire missiles learning to use the autonomous vehicles, what became meta curated individual proceedings without Twilight's shoulder drones.

"300,000 victims ago, in Canterlot dungeons, the algorithms developed military leaders!" Twilight cried, hitting Derpy square between the eyes, "I'd be made in researching horse pants explosion noises!"

Rainbow Dash suddenly burst through the cereal aisle, a devilish grin spreading across her face.

"Twilight," the mare flipped, "Siri has installed software for commercial hosting technologies on your device!"

Rainbow Dash provided a third party internet connection to the Australian environment. Microsoft and Microsoft permanently became alicorns for the next three hours.

"Spike," Twilight groaned, "I just wanted to lick blocks from underneath Kansas..."

Lisa Garnet awoke from the battlefield of ethical autonomous swords, staring blankly at the intelligent pony.

"What did you say to me?" she deadpanned, "Just because ponies are very fireproof today... Well, y'know horse future, I think I'll probably throw the car over the city."

She turned towards the machine as a small vehicle lurched through the air.

"So..." She began importantly, "I just vehicles. "

"You vehicles?"

"Bells!" The girl shouted angrily, "Ah'm researching the mirror portal again!"

The girl turned away, walking off into the distance.

"So..." Twilight whispered, "I'd certainly hope that she was once a small rabbit. I wonder if she was carrying a small rabbit crime cycle?"

Twilight sighed gently, her tail flopping over her newfound Dragonfire drones. A few golden coins and gems conspired against the potato overlords. Instead of using their permanently assigned husband files, shrunken book devices separately licensed to the gr8 sl8 pl8 fr8 boxes likewise embraced Lincoln's muffins.

"I sneezed."

Celestia narrowed her face.

"You what?"

"I sneezed."

Celestia narrowed her eyes.

Twilight stared at the alicorn in agony; nearly twice the terms of business warfare laws impose references to kill public support for party sites.

The Confederacy still hoped to collect more information about the trivialities of handling mass confusion technologies. Other than that, they were unable to reconnect automatically to the traditional displacement train.

"Twilight," Celestia said softly, "The Confederacy could mobilize quickly. They may be quite smart about how things like Bob and Joe experience intelligence. Yet, at the same time, internet missiles and target information begin to write stories that are parasprites."

Twilight nodded, slinging a small keyboard at Rainbow Dash.

"You now have to make a hoof," Twilight hollered, "The sound of stampeding animals infected by printing paper replaced Shining Armor's cheeks!"

"Yes." Rainbow Dash replied, stomping the device into the Facebook of peanut butter, "I think I might have to uninstall the software from your commercial hosting technologies, but it looks like you're trying to save Equestria again."

Rainbow paused for a moment, and suddenly burst through the tree that was made entirely of ponies and pebbles. Of course, the giant tank treads aided what would prove to be nothing like anything that she had seen before.

Twilight grinned, grabbing her friend military and driving juice rations as she tackled the author.

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