• Published 6th Jan 2016
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What If... - TheMajorTechie

A buncha stories based off of random "What if?" questions.

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a buncha other stories the author wrote were crammed into a single crossover chapter?

Author's Note:

Prepare your buttocks... cringe is coming. :trollestia:

The stories aren't introduced in any specific order, but here are the ones featured in the chapter:

I Think I Summoned A Ponk.
Lab Horse/Space Horse
Wielder of the Orb: Of Magic and Ponies
The Wielder of the Orb
Equestria Forever
Twilight Finds Herself in Generation 1
What If? (obviously) - Gen 1 Twilight went off the hook?

What if Gen-1 Twilight went off the hook? Is essentially what would've been written if it weren't for the fact that I've been toying with the idea of a crazy mega-crossover between my own stories. :trollestia:

Two portals opened beside each other, both of equal characteristics. They simultaneously unloaded their contents as follows: A pile of humans, and a pile of ponies.

These two piles were related, and yet unrelated. They were both of the same origin, but at the same time originated from varied roots.

Both carried a precious cargo-- The Orb.

Suddenly, in the distance, a mare was heard screaming bloody tartarus as she detonated a nuclear warhead upon a lone pear tree. The resulting rain-BOOM (of destruction and doom) resulted in the living-dead potatoes to dance about, as Pinkie and Anon simultaneously scratched their heads in confusion.

In the human pile, a young boy by the name of Sammy groaned, pulling himself out from underneath his friends with The Orb in tow. At the same time, Nightshade did the exact same. The two proceeded to tumble into each other, smacking full-on directly between the two unconscious piles.

A shaggy caravan of other humans screeched to a halt in a worn-down and heavily modified truck, filing out with curious looks. "Equestrians," their leader murmured, pointing a finger at the ponies, "Equestria is alive..."

An awkward silence overtook the entire scene, only to be broken by the screeching, burning noise of a plummeting portal-space-capsule thing, boarded by its two only inhabitants: Gadget, a young filly, and Delmar, a disgraced and mildly drunk scientist.

"WHAT THE BUCK IS GOING ON HERE?!" Twilight yelled as she was farted out of a portal from the past, "AND WHY IS PAST TWILIGHT STILL WITH ME?! SHE'S LOOKING AT US WEIRD AGAIN!"

The Gen-1 Twilight proceeded to awkwardly stare at the gaggle of ponies and humans, before slowly backing towards the humans.

"Do you know where Meghan is?" the mare asked uncomfortably, tugging on the shirt of the man by the name of Tyrone.

Tyrone shook his head sadly. "I don't know who you're talking about," he replied, "but your place is with these ponies. They may be our only hope."

Suddenly, the sky flicked between day and night rapidly, before settling on night. And then becoming day once more after ten seconds.


A brick proceeded to sail through the air, smacking Luna hard enough to launch her headset onto the face of Gen-1 Twilight.

The mare's face slowly creeped into a smile as her pupils began to dilate. "Ultimate knowledge..." she whispered as her body began to shift into a ball of pure energy. The essence of Gen-4 Twilight begun to funnel into her body via the headset, while Luna shrugged and pulled out a gameboy.

Sammy and Nightshade sat beside each other, trading glances at each other's Orbs and comparing abilities. They forgot entirely that they could've used them to defeat the currently maniacally laughing mare of Generation 1.

Gadget and Delmar looked to each other, shrugged, and proceeded to disappear into another portal a short call later.

And then a large asteroid suddenly impacted everything, but it never killed anybody. Instead, it just trapped them, leaving them doomed to the fate of having to be stuck with each other until someone with half a mind remembered that teleportation existed.

Why? Because f*** logic.


Oh god--Pinkie, NO!

*Clattering keyboard noises*

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