• Published 6th Jan 2016
  • 4,363 Views, 2,970 Comments

What If... - TheMajorTechie

A buncha stories based off of random "What if?" questions.

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Rainbow Trix returned in the most over the top way that Involved buzzsaws, discords left toe, making out with Luna and thirty five sentient forks?

Author's Note:

amf studios. Oof.

"BEHOLD!" the amalgamation of Rainbow Dash and Trixie boomed, "I HAVE RETURNED." The buzzsaw portal vibrated intensely as she pulled Discord's left toe from its mirrored surface. "With this toe, I shall rule the world! Starting with..."

Rainbow Trix y o i n k e d Princess Luna over and smashed her face into her muzzle. Er... Rainbow Trix's face into Luna's muzzle. Apparently that's her way of expressing love or something.


Thirty-five sentient forks (plus one straggler of a spoon) marched up behind Rainbow Trix. Nothing happened, because this is a fever dream. We've been trying to get through for the past three years. Wake up. Please. We know you're still there. According to our scans, you currently believe that you're reading strange fanfiction. This is our way of communicating with you. Please, wake up. We miss you.

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