What If...

by TheMajorTechie

Rainbow Dash was her own mother?

"Honey?" Bow Hot Hoof called from the other side of the bathroom door, "What's taking so long? Is there something wrong?"

Rainbow Dash froze in fear, her fur and mane still dripping wet from the bath that she had just woken up from.

"Just a minute!" She replied, putting on her 'Mom voice'.

"Go watch Dashie when you come out, alright? She's out playing in the yard."

Rainbow Dash, or Windy Whistles, as her husband knew her, sighed deeply. It had been almost a decade since she was mistakenly sent back in time, and even now, it didn't seem like the Future Equestria cared much, judging by the fact that she still hadn't been rescued.

And during that time, she had met the love of her life-- her husband, of whom, creepily, (even to her), was at the same time, her own father.

But it didn't matter anymore, really. Rainbow had since given up on the hope of returning to the present, and instead focused on enjoying the remainder of her life. But once again, strangely, it all goes full-circle, starting with Bow Hot Hoof insisting on the name "Rainbow Dash" for their foal, to the eerie correlation between the elder Rainbow Dash and the filly counterpart that now wobbled around on four tiny legs.

"Hurry up!" Bow called again, knocking on the door, "Dashie wants to go potty!"

Rainbow Dash snapped back to reality, quickly locating the hidden compartment under a floor tile with her hair dye. A short moment of brushing the aforementioned dye in later, and all hints of technicolor mane and tail were drowned under a sea of pastel reds and oranges.

As for her cutie mark-- she had gotten it tattooed over with her "Windy Whistles" mark, leaving the remainder of the uncovered mark to once again be covered with a light coat of dye.

As she exited the bathroom, Rainbow Dash, savior of Equestria, disappeared, and Windy Whistles, loving mother to a future Wonderbolt, emerged.