What If...

by TheMajorTechie

Alicorn Pinkie traveled back in time to make herself an alicorn, thus completing the time loop?


"Ack!" Pinkie squeaked, jumping back from her usual nightly dose of pure, 500% sugar-water nighttime energy solution. "Oh, hi, me! What are we gonna do today?"

Alicorn Pinkie shrugged, lighting her horn.

Alligator Pinkie awoke beside Gummy. Wait, hold up, that ain't right. Pinkie!

Alicorn Pinkie tore a hole in the space-time continuum again, poking her head through and lighting her horn.

Ailing corn Pinkie coughed. Being a sick ear of corn wasn't fun.

"Oopsie!" Alicorn Pinkie teleported in, lighting her horn yet again.

Pinkie Pie awoke with a jolt. Something felt... off. She couldn't put a hoof on it, but she knew that there was something different. She continued about her morning, completely ignoring the fact that she now had both a horn and wings.

"Why, good morning, Pinki-"

And then the universe imploded because time loops. I think.