What If...

by TheMajorTechie

Rainbow Dash suddenly became a tank and Fluttershy was literally a giant Apache helicopter?

Rainbow Dash dreamed of flying. Of course, she'd been flying for practically the entirety of her life, so why wouldn't she?

The thing is, she now dreamt of flying because she couldn't fly. No wings, no legs, no nothing. Just a freakin' artillery barrel and tank treads.

Why? She didn't know.

How? She didn't know that either.

All she knew was that she was suddenly a tank. And no, she wasn't her pet. She was a machine of mass destruction.

At least she could still fly.

Wait, you say that I mentioned that she couldn't fly earlier? I meant she couldn't by herself. She still can, with the power of Fluttershy the Giant Tank-Drone-Delivery-Thing That Definitely Isn't A Pimped Apache Helicopter. AKA, FtGTDDTTDIAPAH.

Most ponies gave up on the acronym and just shortened it to DIAPAH. Unfortunately for Fluttershy, this sounded a bit too close to "diaper" for her comfort. But who was she to complain? She was pretty much bringing Rainbow Dash everywhere now, and it wasn't exactly logical to put a mouth on a helicopter in the first place, anyways.

Also, Rainbow Dash now had the ability to fire so-called "RainBOOM Canisters". So that was a thing.