What If...

by TheMajorTechie

All the glass in Equestria was replaced with ice?

"Spike?" Twilight asked, staring at the gaping hole that used to be a window, "Where did my windows go?"

Spike looked up from his comic book, shrugging before chucking a boxed copy of Windows XP at the mare.

"No, darnit," Twilight scowled in return as she brushed the box's impact off, "I mean the glass windows!"

Spike simply shrugged again, still reading his comic.

Twilight gazed down at the floor beneath the missing window, only to find an absurdly large puddle. She knew there weren't any pipes or running water in her castle; it grew out of the freakin' ground not too long ago. How could it have such a thing?

She turned just in time to watch as a dark blue blur passed outside another window, resulting in the aforementioned window suddenly turning to ice.

"Luna..." Twilight growled under her breath, "Not again..."