What If...

by TheMajorTechie

Sunglasses fused to the back of Twilight's head and everypony thought that it was an entirely different pony?

"SPIKE!" Twilight called from her bathroom, "DID YOU SUPERGLUE SUNGLASSES TO THE BACK OF MY HEAD?!"

"No." Spike replied simply as he opened the bathroom door. "Why?"

It was at that moment when the young drake realized that he was no longer a child.

"Aaaaay, lookin' slick, yo!" Spike snided, making a gesture at the sunglasses poking out from underneath Twilight's mane.

"Who the hay are you talking to, Spike?"

"I'm talkin' to dis slick muthaf--"

Twilight glared at Spike.

Pinkie glared at Spike.

Pinkie continued glaring at Spike, until she noticed the sunglasses.

"Ooh! a new pony!" She squeaked, grabbing Twilight by her neck, "WE'RE GONNA PAR-TAY TONIGHT!"

As for Twilight, she had but a single word to say: "Ow."

Twilight groaned weakly as she rubbed her neck with a hoof. Applejack and Rainbow Dash were nearby, with the former carting a load of apples and the latter sleeping atop aforementioned apples.

"Howdy!" the farmer greeted, tipping her hat, "It's always nice ta see a new face 'round these parts..." She turned and briefly swatted Rainbow. "AIN'T IT, DASH?"

Rainbow let out a long, loud snore.

"Applejack," Twilight said sternly, "there's nopony other than me standing here."

Applejack shrugged. "Suit yourself," she mumbled, continuing on her way to the market.

As the hours passed, Twilight began to grow more and more uncomfortable with the looks she had been given by the ponies she met. Eventually nightfall came, and with it, Pinkie's party began.

Aside from having the focal point of the party being the pair of sunglasses on the back of Twilight's head, the party was actually quite amusing, with many ponies trying (and often failing) to do various stunts, with one of them even lighting themselves on fire.

Finally, after gathering up the nerve, Twilight confronted Pinkie.

"What does this new pony look like?" She asked, "I don't think I've ever seen them."

"Oh, the new pony? I haven't heard his name yet, but he's got this huge golden SWAG necklace that's like, almost as big as he is, and he's also got this mane that looks a lot like yours that covers almost his entire face, except for his sunglasses."