What If...

by TheMajorTechie

Supplemental: List of things I actually know enough about to write chapters for in this story

List subject to updates and additions. Entries on these lists are in no particular order.

Also, commentary!

I'ma do it.

Generally not recommended for writing chapters about. There's a good chance I won't write a suggestion based on these simply because I have very little knowledge of them or am simply disinterested.

I have had practically no gaming life outside of casual games, and even then I still have no gaming life. Also, yeah, I don't watch very many things either. I just binge through an entire show and stop at that in most cases, and that's when I even watch something in the first place. AKA I have near-0 experience in any of these.

Disclaimer: suggestions still must follow site rules, and suggestions that would potentially push the story above its "E" rating must be discussed before I use them. Other than that, happy reading! :pinkiehappy: