What If...

by TheMajorTechie

Lyra wanted to be anything BUT a pony?

"Seriously." Lyra muttered, "Why can't I be human?"

"BECAUSE YOU'RE A HORSE." Bon Bon shouted back at her marefriend.

"But why are we ponies?" Lyra argued, "Why can't we be mostly-bald apes that dominate the planet with massive machines that can terraform and stuff?"

"What." Bon Bon deadpanned.

"Or maybe dogs. I hear that being a diamond dog brings in pretty good money, y'know."


"Ooh, or dragons! Imagine how cool it would be to fly around and breathe fire out of your mouth?!"

"But Spike--"

"Or-- or..." Lyra cut in, "What if we were Apache helicopters?"

"What's even an Apache helico--"


Bon Bon gave up on trying to understand Lyra that day, and instead found comfort in Twilight's failure to understand Pinkie.