What If...

by TheMajorTechie

Chrysalis had chosen to reform when Starlight offered it?

"Psh." Chrysalis scoffed, "Fine, whatever. Teach me your oh-so-beloved ways of friendship for all I care."

A warm sensation enveloped her hoof. Scowling, Chrysalis glared daggers at Starlight, who only nodded once.

"Thank you for the opportunity, Chrysalis." The unicorn murmured, releasing Chrysalis's hoof. "It really means a lot for me to help others like you... like... like-" She sniffed, wiping away a tear. "Like me."

Chrysalis sighed, shaking her head slowly as she ran her hoof over the trembling mare's mane. Though faint in memory, the quiet sobs of the mare sparked a faded memory of her own nymphs, the changelings she'd raised so long ago.

"Shh..." Chrysalis hushed, maternal instincts taking over her already-crazed mind, "It's alright..." She mumbled as she took up Starlight in an embrace, her eyes slowly glazing over as she entered a trancelike state. "Nobody's going to hurt you anymore, there's no need to be--"

The Changeling Queen was cut off with a choke as a brilliant light beamed through her dark chitin. A startled Starlight tumbled from Chrysalis's hooves as the Queen rose into the air, enveloped more and more with a blazing orb of light.

Just as quickly as it had come, the light subsided almost immediately, leaving a quivering, multicolored Chrysalis laying unconscious upon the ground.

"Th... tha..." Chrysalis's unconscious form murmured, turning her head towards Starlight.

"Thank... you... for returning me to my children..."