What If...

by TheMajorTechie

somepony was turned into a dog?

"Arf!" Twilight shouted, "Arf arf arf! Woof! AROOOOOOO!"

Spike set the struggling purple dog on the ground. Normally, he'd ask Twilight what to do, but since the mare apparently wasn't around, he had taken to the idea of keeping the dog as a pet until Twilight came back.

"You want some food, girl?" He asked, heading for the kitchen.

Twilight rolled her eyes, and attempted once again to perform the reversal spell for the transformation.

"Hey--NO!" Spike suddenly burst, smacking Twilight upside the head with a newspaper, "No pooping in the castle!"

Boy, Twilight thought, You're gonna be in a heap of trouble when I turn back.

Unfortunately, in her current form, Twilight couldn't help but pointlessly scratch and squirm in Spike's arms as he took her outside.

"Go on, girl, do whatever you need to do." He said, eyeing the mare-turned-dog.

Twilight stared back.

Spike continued watching her.

Twilight stared back.

Eventually, the staredown was broken when a beam of light shot down from above, hitting Twilight and not only turning her back into a pony, but turning her into a pony-dog-thing.

Why? Because there's a clear lack of logic already, so why not throw out the rest? :trollestia: