What If...

by TheMajorTechie

The author decides to try writing a chapter using his phone?

Seriously. Autocorrect and my phone's typing lag are the biggest reasons why I don't do this, but I'm bored and I finished my homework early anyways.

Now, onto the story.

Derpy hummed lightly to herself as she soared through the air, the BOOMbox in her saddlebag creating massive Michael Bay style explosions trailing her everywhere she went.

The BOOMbox was a strange little package, being wrapped in nothing but clear plastic, and a sticker noting it to be delivered to somepony by the name of "Vinyl Wubz". Derpy knew no Vinyl Wubz, however. Only Vinyl Scratch.

And so when Vinyl frantically waved from below to ask Derpy for her misaddressed package, she simply ignored her.

And proceeded to drop everything into a volcano.