What If...

by TheMajorTechie

A thing happened?

Now, as for the Pinkie Pie that is currently nomming that skyscraper over there, let's just assume that she doesn't exist for the time being.

What you'd really want in a Pinkie Pie vs. real-life scenario is a little bit of ponk summoning...

EI Think I Summoned a Ponk.
What do I do now?! I just woke up, and all of a sudden, there's a freaky pink pony in my house! Seriously, please tell me I've gone insane... and the world just ended, too.
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'Cause I already wrote the thing earlier, and-- OH CRAP PINKIEZILLA'S HERE.



*nuke noises*

Meanwhile in an alternate universe where Starlight became an alicorn and nopony ever noticed...

"Hey, would it be funny if Starlight became an alicorn?"

"Hush now, Spike. Don't speak such nonsense of our Queen!" Not-Twilight whispered, nudging her assistant as the two bowed before the clearly-an-alicorn Starlight Glimmer.