What If...

by TheMajorTechie

Morgan Freeman came to (and voiced) Equestria?

"Hey, Spike I--"

Rainbow Dash froze, both hooves covering her mouth. She removed them, trying to speak again.

"Spike, tell Twi--"

Except, it wasn't her voice. Rather, it was that of an otherworldly, godly being. Gone was the constant rasp of Rainbow, and in its place was now the smoothest voice to ever be heard in Equestria.

Spike glanced up from his comic book.

"Yeah?" He replied with the same voice, "...Woah. I sound hot."

A celestial being radiating good narration emerged from behind a corner. He shot a single glance of approval at the world that he granted access to his voice to, and vanished into a cloud of also still smooth epic narration.

"Anyways," Rainbow Dash continued in Morgan Freeman's voice, "I was gonna ask you to tell Twilight to watch out for the tornado coming straight for her library castle thing."

Three hours later, Twilight returned from Canterlot and screamed, for a tornado had obliterated her alphanumerically-genre organized shelves, meaning that she'd now have to sort out the fanfiction from the actual books. Again.

A shudder ran down her spine as she reached for the first fanfic.