What If...

by TheMajorTechie

LUNA was lava?


Celestia groaned. This was the third time today that Luna had been annoying. It was a new record, too: her previous was five times.


Though, given that the day was still far from over, there was still time for the new low-record to be nullified.


And Celestia was just about to bury her pain under a banquet table of cake, too.


Celestia glanced out the window, mildly surprised at the fact that her sister wasn't currently pressing her face against the glass or drawing faces in the dust.

Nope. She was just a smoldering ball of magma hovering outside.

Wait, what?

"LOOK!" Luna screeched, steam coming from her flaming mouth, "I'M HOT STUFF! ALL THE COLTS WILL LOVE ME NOW!"

Celestia smiled, turned around, and set off for the padded room deep inside the dungeon. Today was too much.