What If...

by TheMajorTechie

Twilight was suddenly salad?

"Girls?" Twilight suddenly blurted, moments after a blindingly bright flash of light, "I think I'm salad."

A clinking sound echoed throughout the hall as a living bowl of greens hopped into the room.

"Hoo, nelly!" Applejack exclaimed as she entered the room from the other side, "Boy, am I hungry!"

Twilight immediately froze at the hearing of Applejack's words. "H-hungry?" She whimpered, attempting to silently escape.

"Is anypony takin' that bowl o' salad over there?"

"Nope! Go ahead, AJ... though, I don't remember anypony ever bringing it here..."

Oh crap. Twilight thought, attempting with all her might to transform back.

Another bright flash momentarily blinded everypony in the room, dissipating to reveal...

A bigger bowl of salad.