What If...

by TheMajorTechie

Luna found a banacumber in space?

Nightmare Moon groaned, rubbing her head as she brushed the moon-dust off of herself.

Moon dust.

The alicorn jerked her eyes to the lunar sky, staring back at the marble-like planet she stood on moments prior.

Suddenly, a strange, curvy, yellowish-green thing floated into her vision, thonking her in the face hard enough to temporarily smack the Nightmare Moon out of Luna.

"Whuh... bluh?" Luna drooled, very likely concussed from the impact, "Wazzzzz dat a banan???"

Her shaky magic reached out for the banacumber, pulling it back to her. Luna stared at the strange hybrid food, a look of confusion on her face.

"Issa cucumber." One voice in her head dismissed.

"Nuuuuu nu nu nu. It banan!" Another voice argued.

"'Sa CUKE!"




"EVIL!" Nightmare Moon's voice cackled, also moderately concussed from the projectile banacumber. "YOU. DARKNESS. NIGHT. FOREVER!"

With an anticlimactic pop, Luna turned back into Nightmare Moon, and let the banacumber drift away into space again as she turned her mind back to sulking for a thousand years.