What If...

by TheMajorTechie

Story pitch: And his name is Michael Rowe Wayve.

"So your name is Michael Rowe Wayve." Celestia deadpanned, staring at the human before her, "What brings you to Equestria, Mike Rowe Wayve?"

The man (who was absolutely, definitely, certainly not a microwave repairman) cleared his throat.

"I come here to repair your microwaves, your highness."


Gosh dangit, Mike.

"...What do you speak of, Mister Mike Rowe Wayve?" Celestia countered, "What is this... microwave that you speak of?"

"Ah," Mike Rowe Wayve nodded understandingly, pulling a microwave out from his trenchcoat, "This here, is the Mike Rowe Wayve brand microwave! It cooks food with the power of wacky science energy beams!"

"Excuse me?"

"...Wacky magical energy beams?" Mike Rowe Wayve squeaked.

"I am... intrigued by your invention then," Celestia relaxed, gesturing with a hoof, "Does it by chance bake cakes?"

"Um... that's... questionable," Mike Rowe Wayve shrugged, setting his Mike Rowe Wayve microwave on the floor with a heavy clunk.

Celestia hiccuped and zapped him back to the microwave realm.