What If...

by TheMajorTechie

Spike was a Kewl Boi?

"Who's a good boyyyy?" Human Twilight cooed, smooshing Spike the dog's cheeks.

"Stahp ittt." Spike slurred in return through his aforementioned squished cheeks.

"Aww, is lil' Spiko grumpy?"

"No." Spike snapped, slapping Twilight's hand with a paw.

"Are you a cool boy?" Twilight continued, ignoring Spike's desperate hand-slapping as she placed a pair of sunglasses over the dog's eyes.

A bright flash of light suddenly burst from Spike, lasting for several seconds before fading.

"Yes." Spike boomed from high atop his throne of dog treats and golden toys, "I am indeed a Cool Boy."