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I'm an Univeresity Student so I might not post stories very often.


An alternative ending/consequences of what happens if.
Per Example: What If...Twilight refused to stay on Ponyville?. Something like that I think you catch the idea, right?

Update 1/12/2018: 'Queen Chrysalis realized her great goal.', this chapter was edited due to a misunderstanding from my part.
Update 29/12/2018: Storybook status changed to 'on hiatus'.
Update 2/1/2019: Storybook status changed to 'Incomplete'.

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As for grammar, use Grammarly. It'll usually catch the biggest mistakes.

Also, Starlight Glimmer isn't written as "StarLight".

If there's any grammar erros let me know alright.

If there are any grammatical errors, let me know. Alright?

Put written letters or text conversations in a quote box.

Like this.

Like what?

Like this.


Use the horizontal line tool [hr] to make horizontal lines instead of -----------------------------------

Watch for missing commas.

Sorry i didn't understand your point here. Already exists another thing like this? I mean if so it's ok.

I'm just mildly surprised that these sort of stories are so rare. For quite some time my own "What If" story was really the only one that constantly updated.

EWhat If...
A buncha stories based off of random "What if?" questions. Now officially seven years old! 👁👄👁🎉
TheMajorTechie · 128k words  ·  416  57 · 7.5k views

Fourth story I ever posted on the site. :ajsmug:

I just had a HISHE dream of this what if
What if out of shock, and grief of what he had done his magic flared, like pinkie keen episode twilight. That flare killed Chrysalis and because of the magical nature of the hivemind caused a chain reaction and killed every single drone except those who had freewill and shown remorse like Kevin and Thorax. But there were also backlash and it disintegrated Shining Armor.

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