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I'm an Univeresity Student so I might not post stories very often.


Character chart of "The Seven Kingdoms" book. · 10:03pm Apr 27th, 2020

Small Kingdoms:
-The Changeling Kingdom; (Partially mention)
-The Orc Kingdom; (Not mention yet)
-Fire Glove's Kingdom;
-The Goblin Kingdom; (Not mention yet)
-More will be added.

Higher Kingdoms:
-The Dragon Kingdom; (Not mention yet)
-The Kirin Kingdom; (Partially mention)
-The Griffin Kingdom; (Not mention yet)
-The Alicorn Kingdom; (Not mention yet)
-The Draking Kingdom; (Not mention yet)
-The Demon Realm; (Not mention yet)
-The Hyppogriffon Kingdom; (Not mention yet)

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New book series. · 6:50pm Oct 6th, 2019

Hi, this is a guide for you in case you want to know every single name that I am changing for my new book series called (GSB- Gender Swap Book).
So here are the names (Original - Gender Swapped):
Twilight Sparkle - Dusk Shine
Rarity - Elusive
Applejack - Applejack
Pinkie Pie - Bubble Berry
Fluttershy - Butterscotch
Rainbow Dash - Rainbow Blitz
Daring Do- Derring Do
Ahuizotl - Ahuizota
Princess Celestia - Prince Solaris
Princess Luna - Prince Atlas
Discord - Eris

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I've been busied by school work and studing for exams · 4:27pm Jun 10th, 2019

Hi there guys, I've been out for a while. The end of the semester is nearby and I need to focus on finishing every class by test/exam so I could do the Internship next year, but this is not the point. The point is after I get time to write again I'll do and I'll finish my pending stories. Here are the plans I'm making for my next stories.
Plans for the following months:
-Finish "Celestia Universal school.";
-Finish "A new world, a new Generation !?...".

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Types of Dragons · 11:46pm Mar 23rd, 2019

I really like to group dragons in different types (consider this as they walk with their four legs):
-Small size: Same size as normal ponies;
-Medium size: Same size as Celestia;
-Large size: Same size as Timberwolves/Manticores;
-Gigantic size: Same size as the dragon shown in Drangonshy ;
-Beast size: Wingless dragons (These dragons don't have wings instead they have strong armor and are twice as the size of Gigantic dragons.).

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A little Update. · 3:22pm Feb 11th, 2019

Hey there guys. University life isn't good you probably know that. Because of that, I'm a little delayed on working on new stories and chapters. I need to take some time since I've failed in one of my classes and I need to repeat the exam. I'll try to be back as soon as possible.


Upcoming plans for fanfics. · 10:11am Jan 4th, 2019

Due to being close to the end of the semester and in that time I will be having some exams, I will have to focus more on it. In the meantime, I'll publish some stories that will be described below:

One mature tagged story (Little Spoiler:Male Celestia Guard and A female changeling soldier.);
One teen tagged story (Little Spoiler:Squel to A new Beginning !?...);
And some chapters to my 'What If?...' book.


Character names for next Chapters 18-22 · 7:32pm Dec 29th, 2018

New Characters for upcoming Chapters:
Lysithea, daughter of Luna and Shadow Night;
The Mist, Cordlie, daughters of Fluttershy and Discord (Twins);
Sparkling Fire (male), Fire Firelight (Female), Sons of Twilight Sparkle and Spike (twins);
L'Charm, son of Rarity and Fancy Pants.
Fluffy Tail, daughter of Ahuziotl and Daring Do.
Partgic, son of Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich.
Storm Strouble, son of Rainbow Dash and Soarin.

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Merry Christmas 2018!!! · 7:02pm Dec 24th, 2018

Merry Christmas to all of you.

Note: This image is from my DeviantArt profile. If you want to check it out, here's the link:https://www.deviantart.com/zhaoyun271197


No published Chapters for Sunday and Monday (Today and Tomorrow) · 11:10pm Dec 16th, 2018

Hi there guys, due to my mom will be operated tomorrow (Monday). Today and Tomorrow (Sunday and Monday), I won't be able to publish any Chapters. I'll publish them when I had time, maybe Monday night or Tuesday evening. I hope you understand.

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Progress to 'A new Beginning!?...' · 3:48pm Dec 13th, 2018

Just a little 'spoiler' to the next chapters of this storybook.

Chapters that were published:
Chapter 1 (backstory/prologue);
Chapter 2 (Crystal Empire 'storyline' and Discord first appearance);
Chapter 3 (Discord uprising);
Chapter 4 (Elements of Harmony discovered and Discord defeat);
Chapter 5 (Tirek and Scorpan appearance. Shadow Night magical abilities.);
Chapter 6 (Tirek attacks Canterlot and Scorpan betrayal);
Chapter 7 (Queen Crystal death.);

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