• Published 25th Oct 2018
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What If?... - RandomFics271197

Just a little idea that i got after rewatch all seasons. Basically just a 'What If?' stories

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Discord stops Tirek's malicious plan

Author's Note:

Spoiler of season 4 Finale
Consider the events of the last episode of season 4
If there are any grammar errors let me know alright.
I know that I use some quotes from the show, I hope that doesn't bother you.

It all started when Cerberus failed to guard the Tartarus prison so that let Tirek made his escape to Equestria.

In Celestia must recent visions she detects that something wasn't right that dark presence of something evil approaching Equestria made her immediately send a letter to Twilight.

' Dear Twilight Sparkle,

Your presence in Canterlot is recommended as fast as possible. Something evil is coming back to Equistria. I highly recommend bring your friends along with you and don't forget about Discord he might be useful. I'll be waiting for you.

Princess Celestia'

After sometime Twilight and her friends arrived at Canterlot

"We came as fast as we could Princess." Twilight said.

"I'm happy to see that all of you made your presence here today." Celestia thanked. "Well. The problem is..."

"Queen Chrysalis is back?" She asked

"No." Celestia answered

"Sombra as return?" Asked Rainbow Dash

"NO." Celestia answered

"Discord magic is causing some trouble?" Twilight asked

"NOOOO. If his magic was causing trouble did you really think that i would call him here too?" Celestia asked angrily

"Touché" Discord said

"The problem is that. He's back." She said

"Who's back?" Asked Applejack

"Tirek." Celestia answered

"Who's that guy?" Asked Rainbow Dash

"Tirek is a mistical creature. He and his brother wanted to rule all Equestria and for that they want our powers. But his brother made contact with us and that change his mind. So he decided to stop Tirek plan saying that we were 'cool', but he refused. Without knowing what to do he warned us that Tirek want to control all Equestria. We could stop his actions and we send him to Tartarus, and he spared his brother and he left Equestria to never come back. And i fear that he somehow escaped Tartarus"

"But what about Cerberus? He was supposed to guard Tartarus right?" Discord asked

"I'm afraid Tirek gain control over Cerberus mind and made him free him. There's no time to waste he's gainning power everytime he found a pony our cutiemarks give him power so we have to stop him as fast as we could." Celestia said

"And how did we find him?" Twilight asked

"That's why i summon all of you here. I'm certain that Discord's powers could detect where he's. So this mission is in your hands." Celestia said

"No problem. Private Discord ready for duty." Discord said

They giggled


"It's nothing it's funny to see how you changed. I mean this was all thanks to you Fluttershy." Celestia said

"Oh it was nothing. By the way I couldn't do it if this opportunity never showed up." Fluttershy thanked

"Well get to work. We're counting on you." Celestia said

Discord nodded and with a snap of his fingers he vanished.

"Now let's us made our preparations in here. We could count on him but i need to prepare ourselves if he gets in Canterlot."

As time passed Tirek was absorving vital essecence from everypony he encounter. Untill...

"Oh hello there. Surprised to see me."

"Discord my old friend. What are you doing here?" Tirek asked

With a snap of his friends hoovecuffs were attached to Tirek hooves.

"What's the meaning of this?" Tirek asked

"Well just a little welcome gift from Princess Celestia"

"You work for her?" Tirek asked

"Yes. After my..."

"You're pathetic." Tirek said

"What? Celestia trust in me. That's why she send me to here to stop you."

"Did she trust you or she is just stopping you from using your true powers."

"What do you mean?" Discord asked

"She's using you stopping you from using your true powers." Tirek said

"That's not true she believes in me, she trusts in me" Discord said

"You're just her puppy. A God of Chaos being a puppy for a Princess best story ever." Tirek said

"Where are you getting at?" Discord asked

"I'm saying I could give you more than you have now. Freedom was what you always want." Tirek said

"Never I'm happy what i have."

"Being a puppy to mortal creatures. Come on Discord she imprisoned you twice. And you want to serve someone who imprisoned you. Join me Discord and together we will punish them." Tirek proposed

"I will join you with one condition."

"What?" Tirek asked

"You give me my freedom when this is all over." Discord proposed

"Agreed" Tirek accepted

With this settled they both teleported and started working together.

Back to Canterlot palace

"Celestia. Celestia. Discord has betrayed us." Luna said

"I know. Please summon Twilight and Cadance here as fast as possible." Celestia said

'Dear Twilight Sparkle,

Your presence in Canterlot is highly priority. I will be waiting for your presence

Princess Celestia'

As she received the letter she teleported herself to Canterlot palace.

"I came as fast as I could. There's something wrong" Twilight said.

"I might underestimate Discord, I knew that send him to this job would cause all this to happen" Celestia said

"What happen?" Twilight asked

"He betrayed us. So now he's helping Tirek and with Discord powers he's growing in power and controlling everything he passes through he will be here soon. He is after our powers." Celestia said

"Could you stop him?" Twilight asked

"I'm afraid not. He will come after our powers but when he arrived he will have nothing to take." Celestia said

"Is that possible?" Twilight asked

"He's unaware of a existence of a forth alicorn. We will transfer our powers too you." Celestia said


"We will lost our powers. With your strength and with our magic powers you could defeat Tirek. This has to be secretly hidden you should not tell anyone of your new powers for sake of Equestria."

"Alright. It will be an honor to accept such a gift" Twilight thanked

"Alright. Luna, Cadence let us begin the transference of our powers" Celestia said.

With a bright flash their power were transferred to Twilight. She felt strong, powerful.

"I'm felling different and strange." Twilight said

Twilight looked over the Princesses and saw that they look weak and that their cutie mark just vanished.

"I will not fail, Princess." Twilight said

"I know you won't. Now you should maintain this as a secret Discord may notice that your powers are on you." Celestia said

"Don't worry I can handle it. You can count on me."

"I have faith that Discord may try to betray Tirek. I fear if Fluttershy know about this, she surely be the only one to bring him back." Celestia said

"But that will hurt her. She trusted on him that will broke her heart I can't do it." Twilight said

"You do what you think it's better for them. But Discord will paid for his betrayal."

"Turn him to stone. No, he was tricked maybe. I want to hear his motivations for his actions. You said yourself that you like how he changed."

"I understand now go and do what you do best."

They hugged each other and with a flash Twilight teleported herself away.

Tirek arrived at Canterlot palace.

"Hello, dear Princesses. I'm here to claim what long ago was supposed to be mine."

Tirek grabbed them and started to absorbing their powers but...

"What? Is this some kind of joke? Where's your alicorn powers? Did you hide them so i can't get them? Clever Princesses aren't you." Tirek was enraged

"Without our powers you cant even achieve greatness. Oh poor Tirek can't achieve greatness because he don't have our powers. Shame on you. Bastard" Celestia replied

"Well, let's look how you survive in that place where i lived all of these years thanks to you and my damn brother." Tirek said

He created a magical portal that connects with Tartarus and with that open he send the three princesses over there.

After sometime later.

"Where those ponies hide their powers there's someone in here that would know it?" Tirek look over to Discord "You. You know where they could hide it."

"I really don't know. Maybe Twilight but she isn't here." Discord said

"Is she a princess?" Tirek asked

"Yes. She's princess of friendship it might be her that has..."Discord replied

"Where's she? Hiding around here" Tirek asked

"OH, no no no no. She's not in Canterlot she lived in Ponyville together with her friends." Discord said

"Lead me there." Tirek said

"Of course" Discord uses his magic to teleport him and Tirek to Ponyville.

In PonyVille

"Hey girls did you heard the news it seems that Discord is back to Ponyville. There some reports of ponies that saw him roaming around here" Rarity said.

"I suppose you're talking about me" Discord appeared near them

"You're back. Here want some cookies. I made them jus for you" Fluttershy said

"They're really lovely. And I'm sorry for this." Discord said. With a snap of his fingers all of them you're caged.

After that Tirek appeared and said

"Discord, I knew you're bad but betraying your friends like this is just to damn good."

"What he's talking about?" Rainbow Dash said

"How dare you? we thought that you're our friend." Fluttershy said

"I'm sorry my dead but Tirek made a proposal that I didn't want to deny. My freedom." Discord said

"Is your freedom worth than our friendship?" Fluttershy said "I know when you did that problem at lake I believe that you could be a really good creature, but I was wrong."

Her words hurt him. He felt guilty of what he did.

"Tirek." Discord said


"Sorry about this." Discord conjure a blast that send Tirek flying away.

With a big 'tud' Tirek hit the ground. Discord snapped his fingers everyone was free from the cage.

"Get out of here now. This is between me and him." Discord said

They run away to someplace safe

Tirek got up while staring to Discord.

"Curse you. How dare you? I offer you freedom in trade of your assistance how could you betrayed me like this?" Tirek was heavily anger.

"I won't allow hurt anyone. Especially her. It was her that did this to me. And don't even try to touch her you really know how my powers are strong and there's nothing that could me stop from using it against you."

"All right is like that you wanna play let's do it." Tirek said.

Discord and Tirek were fighting each other, but due to Tirek was absorbing all that power he was stronger than him. With that being an advantage to him he started to conjure a blast that hit Discord that send him flying away until hit the ground.

"With all of this power I'm stronger than everyone, stronger than the GOD of CHAOS. Perfect."

"At least he can't detect her. Sorry Celestia your plan fail and it was my fault." Discord said to himself

Discord was grabbed by the neck.

"I will really relieve myself when you're gone. There's nothing you could do about it. Prepare to ..." Tirek was ready to kill him

"Stop you monster. You won't hurt him" A familiar voice said.

"What the...?" Tirek looked to where that voice was coming from.

"You." Tirek dropped as he run to his new target.

With being in danger the mysterious pony run away.

But unsuccessfully it could run away from his grasp.

"Oh it's you. The damn pony who cause all of this" Tirek laugh

"Let me go." She said

"Come on let's say hi to Discord shall we?"

Discord was weak, hurt, wounded, thinking 'how she is safe?'. But that thought vanish in his mind as he saw what Tirek bring to him.

"I see you're awake. Look what I have found?" Tirek was laughing

"I'm sorry Discord he got me" Fluttershy said

"Don't you dare hurt her." Discord said

"Oh come on Discord. How could a mortal creature be so important to you. You never cared about them. They've imprisoned you. Because they were afraid of you and your powers. Now that she's here I will clean what made you be so friendly." Tirek said

"Please. You could have it, my powers just don't hurt her."

"I'm sorry Discord but your powers are useless to me. Did you know how these pegasus are so sensitive when it comes to wings." He was touching and pointing to her wings. "How fragile they're with a single rough touch they lost their sensability." He started to conjure a tiny blast. Suddenly it hitted Fluttershy right wing "There you go you won't need it right now. Hey Discord remember when baby birds jump their off their nests if their wings don't react they will probably die and how fragile they're bodies are just like her right now." Tirek was approaching a ravine "Discord de be sad she is a mortal creature, they're supposed to die when time comes." Tirek look to Fluttershy.

"Please, mister don't do this. This isn't decent." Fluttershy tried not to cry

"Hmm. Tirek. You shouldn't do this." Discord said

"Why not?"

"There are kids watching. Or better reading it." Discord pointed to you

"Oh right family friendly." Tirek said "Who cares about them? Let's see how this little pegasus could fly without a wing. Without you of my way Discord will surrender to me again."

"Please Tirek. If she got hurt you will pay I swear that i will no send you to Tartarus I will kill you." Discord form was changing he became taller, stronger, fearful.

Tirek looks at him.

"Oops" He let her go "Sorry, butterfingers."

Fluttershy started to fall and her screams were listened miles away.

Discord got up and rushed to save her but due to his weak body, it was difficult to catch her.

Her cries and screams continue as the ground was closing distance, some of her feathers were ripped off her wing due to her hurt wing. Suddenly the ground was close she closed her eyes but suddenly she felt herself floating she open her eyes and saw Discord holding her in place.

"I'm here. Calm down. I'm here"

She sobbing and accept his embrace slowly he descend to ground and she passed out. Her friends were rushing to him together with Twilight.

When they arrived they saw Fluttershy very badly hurt and since Discord was there they presumed that he did that to her.

"Discord. How dare to hurt her like that?" Twilight asked angrily "She cared about you , she stopped us from using our elements of harmony to turn you back to stone. How dare you to do this to her?"

"Twilight wait let me explain." Discord tried to speak.

"Silence. You're not allowed to speak after your betrayal what you have done to her and all of us." She said "I don't need the elements of harmony to turn you back to stone, now that I've the powers of the princesses. Don't hurry Discord I will tell her that I did this because of what you did to her." Twilight said

"Listen to me just this once." Discord pleaded

"I'm sorry Discord i was wrong about you. I thought that you could be a very good asset to Equestria but i was wrong. This will be your punishment "Twilight said

"Please Twilight think about it. You want to turn me back to stone and hurt her feeling because of that."

"I don't care I always knew it was a bad idea let you roam around."

Twilight started to conjure her magic. When...

Fluttershy awake. She saw Twilight and Discord discussing and she was conjuring some kind of spell

"Twilight. What are you doing?"

"Oh you're awake. Well you're 'friend' here betrayed us and hurt you so I'm punishing him by turn him back to stone." Twilight explained

Fluttershy got up and trotted to Twilight and slapped her. There were tears in her eyes.

"How? Why? He saved me. That monster up there he somehow hurt my right wing and throw me from that place" She pointed to that corner where she was thrown off. "He saved me. If wasn't him. There's no Fluttershy right now."

"But they told me that you betrayed them." Twilight point to mares behind her

"We though that he had betrayed us" they defend themselves

Suddenly a beam hit the ground near them

"TWILIGHT!!!" Tirek shouted

"It's him everyone gets someplace safe and be there"


"Come and get them"

As time goes Twilight and Tirek keep a good fighting, but since Tirek absorved all pony power not even a princess with other princess powers were strong enough to stop him. With that Twilight were hitted by his blast that send her flying away and with a big tud Twilight hit the ground. With this a smoke wall formed due the impact she suffered.

"Power. Power. I'm the most powerful living thing. Now princess if you want to live give me your powers." Tirek said

"Never." Twilight said

"As you wish" He prepared his final blast to finish his so desired target.

"Princess, I'm sorry he was too strong for me." She whispered.

After that everything gets brighten, she feels something that wasn't normal.

"What is that?" Tirek was surprised "That shield. No it can't be." He turns around "Discord".

Tirek was blasted by his magic that made him fall.

Discord rushed over to Twilight side.

"Are you alright?" Discord asked

"Why? Why did you saved me? After what i was about to do to you." Twilight said

"You're my friends remember that's what they do. Help each other, they forgive each other."

Tirek got up.

"If you excuse me." Discord said

"Go ahead"

Tirek had his head spinning and saw Discord flying in his direction.

"Finally, I've got you." Discord said

"Let me go." Tirek said

"Nope. Now you should pay for your crimes. I will punish you. I told you if you hurt her what I was doing to you, right." Discord smile and laugh to him

"You can't do it I'm powerful than you."

"I'm the GOD OF CHAOS remember. There's none powerful than me." Discord said "Now let's see how your body would accept this punishment."

When he started to conjure his magic he saw Fluttershy. She was there kept saved by her friends together with Twilight who was smiling something was telling him that she wanted him dead but, when he looked to Fluttershy expression he saw something that made him change his mind.

"Did you really planned this Tirek? Let me kill you in front of her" Discord pointed to Fluttershy "So she would think that she created a monster. No Tirek you're wrong, what I'm gonna to do is take your powers away and send you to Tartarus again."

"Not that place again." Tirek said

"You should never quit it."

With a snap of his fingers he used his magic to free all stored power inside of Tirek and made it return to their legit owners. With that the princesses were freed from Tartarus and were teleported to where Twilight was. Tirek size was decreasing and becoming weak. He was droved to Tartarus by Discord's magic aura so he won't escape anymore.

Sometime later

A new castle appear in Ponyville Celestia decided to give it to Twilight since she's now a princess she need a castle. And she gave it a name of Castle of Friendship.

In Canterlot palace

Celestia and the remaining princesses were together with Discord. He was brought here because of his betrayal. Discord was handcuffed and presented to them like a guilty subject.

"My dear princesses. I'm here today to receive my punishment for my behavior during these days. I betrayed you because that was part of my plan to get near him."Discord defend himself "So when i was near him i could detect his weakness. I'm ready to receive punishment no matter what it will be i would accept it"

Celestia looked to him and said

"You saved us all Discord. Give us a reason to punish you."

"My betrayal"

"And? You got him you send him back to Tartarus again that was your mission since you completed it. It doesn't matter how you did it if betrayal was your option well that was your choice."

"Thanks for your compression Princesses, but I beg that you at least give me some punishment"

"Sister Luna. Any idea?"

Luna nodded and said


"Princess Cadance. Any idea?"

Cadance nodded and said


"Princess Twilight. Any idea?"

Twilight nodded and said

"Actually I've an idea."

"Say it"

"You should help Ponyville citizens to rebuild Ponyville everything Tirek destroyed. Deal?" Twilight proposed

"Are you sure? I though that being turned to stone were decent but since you're honest and kind I accept my punishment."

"Alright. Helping rebuild Ponyville is your punishment, but without your magic."

Discord made a sound that they recognized as a protested but he nodded and walks away

"Say Twilight. It was true that he wanted to be turned to stone" Celestia asked

"When i found Fluttershy very injured i though it was him. Something was telling me that he would never hurt her but seeing in her state my rage took the best of me. I wanted to turn him to stone right there."Twilight said "He then saved when me and Tirek were fighting. If he wasn't there probably there wasn't Twilight right now. That action made me rethink what i said to him"

"Send me a report when he ended up rebuilding Ponyville." Celestia said

In Ponyville

After a week Ponyville were back to normal everything was perfect. Discord returned to Fluttershy's house. He knocked the door and get in.

"Hi there Fluttershy. I'm back"

Fluttershy looked back and saw him coming

"Hi there. FInally you're back." Fluttershy said.

She was rushing to him for a hug but he refused

"What happen? Are you ok?"

"No. How? How could you still be my friend after what I've done to all off you."

"What are you talking about?"

"My betrayal. I betrayed all of you."

"PFFffff. That's nothing to worry about you change when you saw what he was going to do to us"

"Because of it you almost..." He almost cried

"Hey. Stop that alright. I'm here now because of you. And besides my wing is back to normal"

"I'm sorry."

"It's okay"

As they stopped speaking they embraced each other and stood like that for moments. Moments that for Discord it looks like it was an eternity.