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What If?... - RandomFics271197

Just a little idea that i got after rewatch all seasons. Basically just a 'What If?' stories

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Starlight torns up StarSwirl Scroll

Author's Note:

Spoiler Alert. Season 5 Finale.
Consider the Final Event. Starlight rips that scroll. What would happen?
Sorry if my English isn't my best forté. If you detect some grammar errors let me know.

"Your future will be erased and a new one shall rise, a future without cutie marks! After I destroy this piece of paper nothing you can't do will bring it back" Starlight said.

"You're making a mistake, Starlight. Don't do that. You don't gonna like to see what's going to happen. I'm telling you. Listen to me" Twilight said.

"Blah,blah,blah,words,words. I'm tired of you and your damn friendship.". She said while ripping Star Swirl scroll's in two.

"Good luck in your new future Twilight."She laughed and teleported herself to somewhere.

Twilight started to cry she knew what she had done, but she was too eager to even listen to her.

"You made a mistake Starlight... You will see what's gonna to happen." she thought to herself

Suddenly Twilight felt some magic embrace her.

"What is happening Twilight?" Spike questioned.

"I don't know."

That magic aura teleported her to the past the day she had born.

"Wait. It's that your family? Your mom and dad." Spike questioned

"I'm afraid you're right."

"Wait just a moment, if StarLight ripped StarSwirl scroll. How did you not transformed yourself into a baby? I mean this is a new beginning right."He asked

"Yes, you're right but the scroll. I can't tell you maybe StartLight is here to listen to us"

"Alright. Did you cast some spell on that scroll? Right"

"Shh. Be silent she might be here. Remember. Let us see how the others are right now, maybe just being born or maybe... not"

She teleported herself to other place something called a hospital in Ponyville.

"That... is... Applejack. Right? That face I will never forget that." She thought to herself while wiping a tear from her eyes

"She's here too, but Starlight said it was a new beginning." He was confused

"A new future to her or to be more realistic a new future without her."

"What? How? But you said that she might be listening to us" Spike still confused

"I fear that she knows. I will cast a spell to see if i can connect myself with the others."

Twilight magic aura started to shine and suddenly all of her friends appear in magic clouds everyone was there, nothing changed. What she had done? Did it revert what Starlight did? Or...

"Twilight. How? Explain it to me." Spike was intrigued

"I can't tell Spike not now but believe me there's nothing to worry about. Let us advanced some years forward alright."

Spike nodded

Twilight used her magic to advance in time and they reach 'today'. The day that all of then got they're cutie marks. It happen what happen in the past Rainbow Dash Sonic Rainbow bring their cutie marks.

"Has i told spike she didn't change anything." She said

"CURSE YOU!!!" A familiar voice come out of the shadows. "You.Again.Interfering with my plans" Starlight shouted

"This was supposed to be my new future. And you."-grr- She was ready to cast a spell.


"Starlight, the only future that will change it's yours" Twilight reflected her blast

"What?" She was crying right now

Twilight teleported her and Starlight to a hospital. A hospital that to Starlight was familiar.

"Why did you bring me here this was where I born."

Casting the interdimensional sound spell. Starlight heard what to her make total nonsense.

"Sorry madam, but... your baby didn't survive the birth"

"What? How dare to tell me that? Where is she?"

"We are telling you the truth your daughter didn't survive. She had suffered an heart attack during the birth. I'm so sorry we tried everything but you couldn't do anything to stop it."

"Oh. My poor. My poor dear Starlight. It's my second foal that i lost." She was crying.

"What is this? Twilight what is this?" Starlight was now crying.

"I suppose it's your new future. Wasn't what you wanted?" she said

"Not like this I wanted to destroy your future, not mine" Starlight continued to cry. Suddenly every part of her body was transparent slowly vanishing. "What's happening to me?" She was scared.

"You didn't listen to me, right? I told that you were making a mistake. Since that is no StarLight in the past there's no StarLight in the future. I tried to stop but you didn't listen." She said trying to not sound rude

"But, but. How? I read that if the scroll disappeared everything would go back." She was now laid on the ground massively crying.

Twilight slowly trotted to her and grabbed her chin so that she could see in her eyes the mistake she had done. "I protected the scroll with a spell. I knew that someone could try to destroy it. So i cast a spell the pony or anything that destroys it.It will come back in time everything that scroll stored will occur except for the guy who destroyed it. So since you destroyed your future was changed and that change was erasing you." She explained

"Can't you undo it please?" She was now very very scared.

"I'm sorry. I mean I can but since you didn't listen to me." She looked at her body vanishing over time. Something in her was telling to her to undo it but another thing was stopping her to undo it. "Consider it a lesson will you?" She turned her back to her.

"But you're the princess of FriendShip."She was there crying almost completely vanished"Help me I swear i will never try anything against you, please just don't let me...*" With a puff she was completely vanished.

"Twilight, was that necessary. I mean she was what she was. But... you could saved her why did you not help her?" Spike asked with fear

"She messed up our friendship, our world, my sanity. And you think that's some begging that will make me turn back." She was angry.

"Twilight, could we you now see one thing?"

"WHAT?" she was crying

"Twilight are you ok?"

"No I'm not ok. She was begging, i simply didn't do nothing it was something in my head that was telling me that she need to be punished. I didn't want that."She was crying and crying "I will kill my baby form."

"WHAT?" Spike was scared now. "You can't"

"Of course I can it's my punishment for not helping her" She began to cast a teleportation spell

"And what about me? What would be of me if you never existed?" Twilight saw Spike tears rolling down his face. "I WON'T ALLOW YOU" Spike shouted as he grabbed her horn forcing her to fail the spell.

"Spike?" She looked at him crying she realized what she just said "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to... But a future without her will be great." Twilight said

"Are you sure?" He asked

"Yes I'm," She said

"Look, could you feel Sunburst aura?"

"I think I can try but why did you want to see him."

"Remember what you said 'with Starlight not being born there's no Starlight story' Right? Remember she said that Sunburst gain his cutie mark with her." She shakes her head to a 'yes' "Since that she's gone. How did he get his cutie mark?" he asked

"I'm getting at your point. You're trying to tell me that I'm wrong is that it. But no. Has I said the past is only changed for those who destroyed the paper not to everyone else."

"But Sunburst met Starlight, right? They're best Friends. Please Twilight don't do it for her or for me. Do it for Sunburst."

"Fine. We will just lose time with that."

She conjured the teleportation spell in a matter of seconds they arrived at Sunburst house.

"It's him. That's him."

"Wait. Today is the day that he would gain his cutie mark right." He said

"Let's us just advance in time a little." As she passed over time something wasn't right Sunburst wasn't earning his cutie mark.

She had advanced ten years in that time line.

"Where are we?" He asked

"I don't know, could you see SunBurst?" She asked

Some voices were heard in the dark street.

"There he is." He pointed

"Something is not right SunBurst is almost en years old by now why didn't he earned his cutie mark". She said "NO,NO,NO,NO. This isn't happening. Spike i think you were right. SunBurst didn't earn his cutie mark by now because he never met StarLight to earn it. What've I done?"

"AHAHHAHAHAHA. Sunburst is a blank flank." One bully said

"At the age of ten and can't even get his cutie mark" Other said while high fiving the other one. As they laugh at him.

"You're so mean to me, always so mean to me." Sunburst was there crying.

"Nopony will like you Sunburst you will be a blank flank for all eternity" Both of them laugh

He ran straight to his home. Her mother was worried about him.

Twilight and Spike stood by the window watching him

"What's wrong son?"

"Nothing leave me alone"

"Were those bullies again"

He nodded

"Stop listen to those kids they really don't know what to say."

"But it's true I'm almost eleven and I don't even get my cutie mark"

"Relax you're not the only one. I got mine at the age of seven and your father at the age of eight. Don't feel bad about that you will get it soon."

"Thanks, mom. I could always count on you."

"I know" She kissed him and hugged him "You're my sun. Always shining the shadows away."

"Stop it mom." He was embarrassed

Sometime later. Sunburst was playing with his friends on the street. When the bullies passed by

"You again. Did you cried on your mom hooves again was it little foal?" The bully high fived the other

"Hey, how could you be so mean to him, leave him alone." One of his friends tried to defend him.

"You're friend of a blank flank. Ahah hah hah. Did you get your cutie mark at the age of ten too" The bully high fived the other

"You two really are jerks. Always messing with him get something useful to do."

"Alright, alright. we stop just because your little boyfriends can't stop bothering us"

"Get them" They all run after the bullies

"RUN" The bullies run

"It's that true I will never get my cutie mark." He was crying and leave the main street while he ran to...

"Where's he going? Twilight let's go after him"

Twilight flew at max speed trying to catch him before they lost his sight.

The way they follow leads them to a ravine. Sunburst stood there watching at the bottom.

"Did you think what I'm thinking?"

"He's going to kill himself"

"Twilight do something?"

"I can't."

"Why you can't?"

"Because I can't the scroll don't allow me."

Suddenly Sunburst jumped off the cliff and with that Twilight teleported herself to somewhere avoiding to see that scene.

"Why? Why you didn't do anything?"

"Because I can only interfere.. with her new future. Not with others actions."

"Are you telling me?"

"I can change her new future at my own desire."

"Did that changed your mind? Will you bring her back?" Spike asked

"I want to see just what happened to that village. Where she takes all the cutie marks and made them act like equal"

She teleported herself to the village where she first met StarLight. Arriving there it was nothing but...

"Look out" Spike shouted

"What's going on here?" She asked

"It seems they're fighting for something. Everything is destroyed."

They look over and saw two ponies discussing with each other.

"Your carrots, Carrot Caretaker. They really awful my pumpkins are better than this piece of trash." Said one throwing the carrots to the trash bin.

"And your pumpkins really mess up my cake, i couldn't even use them" Said another with a blow-up cake.


"I'm the best pony in town"

"No the best pony around here it's me"

"No, it's me"

"No, it's me"

With this confusion, the villagers started a fight to see who pony is best around there.

Spike and Twilight watched them fight for superiority.

"Twilight. They hate themselves they fight because they want to be better than everypony" He pointed it out

"I get it she did that because it was the only way to make them believe they're equal to stop fighting for superiority"

"Twilight? What we gonna do? There's something you can do" Spike asked

"I can't. She's gone. Even if i bring her back. What guarantee to you that she won't try this again?"

"Twilight. Look at this ponies she changed their minds to allow them to understand the importance of equality"

"You weren't here to see it she enslave them," she said

"She wanted to show the world the importance of equality your cutie mark represent your ability with something but that means you feel superior to others?"

"No of course not. We're all equal. Cutie Mark is what make us different but we still equal. She never understood that." she said

"Because she lived here. They hate each other because of their cutie marks. She wanted them to learn a lesson."

"I guess you're right but that isn't a simple task. I had to return on the day she born and revert the spell. What would happen next well we see at that time."

She casts a spell to return back in time to the day that Starlight would be born.

"Here we are."

"Twilight. This is your choice you saw what her absence did to Sunburst and to that village."

"Come on, let's say hi to little StarLight will us?"

She casts a spell right before she was gone

"Sorry madam, but... your baby didn't survive the birth"

With the spell casted.

'Buhahahah.' Starlight was crying.

That cry took all the attentions to her.

"What a miracle, she's back. I'm sorry madam but it seems that your baby is back" the doctor said. he deliver little Starlight to her mother. "Here you go, have a nice day."

With a puff and a flash Starlight stood in the same place she was when vanished

"*...disappear."Starlight open her eyes to see Twilight and her body at full color. She swipe her tears. "Thank you." She whispered.

When she got up she saw it. Her a baby form in her mother's hooves.

"Thank you" she thanks her

"Don't make me regret it".

"I won't I promise." She said.

Suddenly she felt an embrace. Twilight was hugging her.

"I'm sorry. I didn't help you. I though it could be a better future without you but no. I saw everything. Without you..." Twilight was crying. "... Sunburst didn't got his cutie mark and committed suicide for that. That village where you got their cutie marks they were always fighting to see who's the best. I'm sorry." She was crying and sobbing "I'm a bad princess of friendship with my hate over you it made me want you out of all what i build. I hereby the name of the princess your desire is an order. If you want to punish me go ahead I deserve it."

"You don't have to apologize. That was deserved to me i didn't listen to you. Here. This the other part of the scroll. Fuse them, let us return home. I've learn my lesson. I'm sorry if i tried to destroy what you've build." She said

"It's okay. I hope you wouldn't try this again" She cast a spell to fuse the halves of the scroll

"I won't." She said

While travelling across time. Starlight decided to talk.

"Thank you. For returning to me. You could just forget about me."

"That's what friends do." Twilight smiled to her. Turn her sight to Spike "Actually I think Spike need a 'thank you' too"

StarLight turn her gaze to Spike

"Oh there's no need. I just tried to call her to reason." He blushed

"Thank you, Spike" Starlight said

They arrived at Ponyville in the same place they met at the beginning of the episode

As they arrived the scroll activates and ends every mistake that Starlight had done, vanished.

They heard some steps

"Twilight where were you?" Applejack asked. "What she's doing here?" She asked

"Actually is a long story." Twilight said

Twilight reunited with the others and told tell what happen they heard her so cautiously.

"Will she forgive me? After what I've done to her and her friends. I'm so nervous." Starlight thought to herself

"Starlight. Twilight is waiting you" Spike call her.

She nodded and stepped inside the main room.

"So. What's my punishment?" She asked

"Twilight told us everything and we think that what she did was enough" Rainbow dash said

"So... What? You're setting me free? Don't you fear that i could do anything like that again?" She asked

"Actually I want you to join us. If you want of course". Twilight said

"Really. Me working for a princess. Better than be on that place again. I will think about it." She said

"My door is always open. When you had an answer come and check me ok?"

"Right." She said "Think about it Startlight you won't find anyone like them and they're your friends." Starlight thought to herself

She turned herself around and said.

"If there's no problem. I will accept" She said

"There's no problem at all. Welcome to the Elements of Harmony, Starlight" Twilight congratulate her

The End