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What If?... - RandomFics271197

Just a little idea that i got after rewatch all seasons. Basically just a 'What If?' stories

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Twilight is the first Sombra queen?

Author's Note:

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It all started in the beautiful land of Crystal Empire. Sombra was defeated, poor little pony all what he want was that someone decides to join him in his new Empire, but who would love a pony like him. Who would love somepony that tortured ponies? That almost destroyed the Crystal Empire. Who though that, well it might be wrong because everyone has some point that love can change. After almost a thousand years, that chance shined through the darkness of his soul.

In present days.

Twilight received a letter from Celestia that her assistance at Crystal Empire was needed, something bad was returning she
has quoted: 'He has returned'.

"Spike, worry up. We need to be at train station as fast as possible." Twilight rushed through the Library.

"But Twilight are you sure? Only us?" Spike questioned.

Something clink in her brain.

"Oh, how could I forgot about them? Send them a letter to meet us at train station." She said.

"I'm on it." Spike said while writing as fast as he could. Then with a breathe of fire send them to their respective addresses. "Done." Spike smiled

"Thanks. Let's go there's no time to lose." Twilight grabbed her belongings, including Spike, and rushed through the door.

After some minutes, they arrived at train station and waited for their friends arrival.

After some moments of waiting, her friends arrived at train station.

"Hello. I'm over here" Twilight waved her hoof as her voice echoed through the crowd.

"There she is." Said Rainbow Dash.

Her friends passed through the crowd and reached Twilight position.

"I'm glad all of you could come." Twilight said. "Celestia said that this is a very important mission. We may not fail. I made myself clear."

They all nodded.

"Let's go then there's no time to waste" Twilight said

"All aboard. Next stop, Crystal Empire. I repeat all aboard, next stop, Crystal Empire"

"It seems that it's our train let's go."

With them inside the train, his engines started to work and with that Ponyville became smaller as the train proceeded his traveling.

At Crystal Empire station.

"We arrived at Crystal Empire, next stop Canterlot. All aboard"

The ponies got out of the train as they wait for Shining Armor.

"Tell us something Twilight?" Spike asked. "At Canterlot, your obsession for your brother. Did you and ---Ouch---" Spike screamed as Twilight stepped in his tail. "What was that for? I was curious that's all". Spike grabbed his tail and started to massage it.

She giggled. "Would you care to not came with that thing again? Please." Twilight said. "Because next time I will rip off your tail."

"Jeez there's no need for that, I swear my mouth would never dare to say that again I promise" Spike promised

"We will see."

"Twilight." Some familiar voice echoed from the fog. Suddenly Shining Armor appeared in the middle of the fog, as he waved his hoof to them.

The ponies grabbed their stuff and started to walk in his direction.

"Say, Twilight. Why are you here? It's because 'He has returned'?" Shining asked.

"Yes. Princess Celestia said that my presence here was highly important." Twilight answer. "Shining, could you tell us who this 'He' is?" Twilight asked

"You don't know. Celestia didn't tell you?" Shining asked while being very suspicious about this, but with her shaking of head to a 'no', he decided to tell her. "Well this 'He' is Sombra or King Sombra as we like to call him. He arrived at Crystal Empire started to torture these ponies and because of that Celestia used the power of Crystal Heart to trap him. But... As you can see 'He' somehow broke through the spell and has returned." Shining said.

"So, why did you need my help?" Twilight asked. "You and Cadance can handle this, right?"

"I'm afraid not. She's casting a spell to keep 'He' away." Shining answer. "And besides we need to find the Crystal Heart. So, we could trap 'He' again."Shining said

"Hmm, Shining could we now call 'He' by Sombra, because our readers might find this confusing, will us?" Twilight proposed

"Oh right so this Sombra, as I was saying returned we need to find the Crystal Heart." Shining said

"Hmm, I don't want to ruin the peaceful talking but there's something big and scary coming in our direction." Rarity pointed to a giant and dark cloud.

"It's Sombra." Shining said "Everypony run as quickly as possible. Crystal Empire is up ahead."

As a dark thunder hits the ground it made a fissure on it, that made them all stop their track.

"WATCH OUT!!" Pinkie yelled.

They were cornered.

"What we do? What we do?" Rainbow Dash was panicking.

Suddenly a hoof slap hit her face.

"Control yourself." Applejack said

"Right. Sorry i think i was panicking to much." She apologizes.

As the dark cloud closed distance a blast was shot, with that Shining Armor used his magic to create a barrier that blocks the blast but with a price, of course, his eyes became darker, his coat became darker and a Maleficent laugh came out of him.

"Brother, are you alright?" Twilight asked worried about, what had happened to her brother.

"I'm felling. ALIVE." Shining Armor yelled.

"What are you talking about?" Twilight asked

"Prepare yourself Crystal Ponies your former king has returned. *Maleficent laughs* Bow before your King." Shining said. They looked at him. He looked different.

"What have you done to him?" Twilight asked

"Nothing. Just a little surprise for all of those who betrayed me. Now get out of my way, worms." Shining said as he blast them away so they would fall on that fissure he created before. 'Oh i forgot to mention this isn't Shining anymore it's Sombra in his body'."Now without them of my way. Crystal Empire will surely be mine again." Sombra said. Look as his new body. "Hmm. It seems I capture the Prince of Crystal Empire, splendid I could enter Crystal Empire without them notice me. Let's go my new body we have an Empire to reclaim" As he conjure magic wings to make him fly across the snow, with a matter of seconds he reached the Empire. "My Empire. It's so colorful. I hate this damn colors. Oh well I need to maintain my temper away so they won't be suspicious that I'm here." Sombra stopped near the barrier

As he do that he was noticed by the guard patrol. "Prince Shining Armor is here dispel the barrier, my Princess." One of the guards said.

With that, all the barrier vanished and he walks in, as the barrier closes again.

He run through the streets until reach the Crystal castle. As he enter the main room. There was Cadance casting her spell to prevent Sombra from reclaiming his Empire.

"Shining, you're back." Cadance said. "Where's Twilight and the others? Weren't you supposed to get them at train station?" Cadance asked suspiciously.

"They didn't came. When I arrived there, Sombra was near that place I think they returned back to ponyville." 'Shining' answered.

"Did you think that Sombra gets them?" Cadance asked.

"Maybe not, Twilight is very talented with magic. I suppose she used it to protect themselves." 'Shining' said

"Ok. Let me go back to my job. Supporting this barrier is really a hard away. Shining, dear, could you patrol the city, I really need to be alone for this work successfully" Cadance begged.

"Of course. It will be a pleasure." 'Shining' bow himself. "I'll be back in no time." 'Shining' left the main hall.

"That is strange, for much that Shining loves patrolling he would never let me alone in here. Especially at my state." Cadance said to herself. "Flash Sentry." She called a guard.

"I'm here my princess your order is my mission." He said as he bowed

"Could you please go to the Library and find a book about Sombra's powers, will you?" Cadance proposed

"I'm on in." He bowed and left the room.

"And I think if Shining is possessed by Sombra magic, Twilight and the others might be in danger." Cadance said to herself

At that cave

"Is everypony ok?" Applejack asked

"I'm." Rarity said

"Me too." Fluttershy said

"Same here." Rainbow Dash said

They noticed that Pinkie Pie, Twilight and Spike were missing.

"Where is Pinkie Pie, Twilight and Spike?" Rarity asked

"I Don't know" Applejack answered.

"Look there hoofprints over here." Rainbow Dash said.

"Maybe they had wake first and decided to find an exit" Fluttershy said.

"Let's follow them." Applejack proposed.

They nodded and followed the hoofprints.

"That thing, I will make him pay for what he did to my Brother." Twilight said

"Calm down, Twilight. We will need to find an exit first. Could you use your magic?" Spike asked

She tried to ignite her horn but she was too weak and that cave has an anti-magic spell.

"I'm afraid not." She said.

After some time, a bright shine was spotted.

"Look, Twilight an exit. We found it." Spike pointed

"Nice finally I couldn't be here any more time. Let's go back and tell them that we find an exit." Twilight said

"I think that's not necessarily." Applejack said. "We followed your hoofprints."

"We found an exit. Come on girls let's get out of here." Twilight said

"YEY. CAVE EXIT PARTY" Pinkie Pie celebrated.

Once outside. They notice a strange dark pony waiting for them.

Twilight started to ignite her horn.

"I wouldn't do that if i was you." That strange pony said. "You could get somepony hurt."

As he said that Twilight recognized that sentence.

"Shining?" Twilight asked while lifting an eyebrow.

"Ready for duty." He bows.

"How? How? I saw you were being controlled by Sombra." Twilight asked

"We just changed bodies I become like this. But that's not the point he is my body, I fear that he could use that to let his full body enter the Crystal Empire, let's go there's no time to lose."

Suddenly a beam of light hits Shining.

"What is this?" Shining asked

"Your worst nightmare." Sombra said. "Surrender to me, I've your full body now. Deliver it to me"

"NO" Shining yelled

Sombra laughed. "Alright. Maybe this will change your mind." With a flash of light Shining was on main room of Canterlot Palace.

"We are here today for discuss about Prince Shining Armor treason. He used his magic on poor little Cadance to take the Crystal Empire for himself. He killed his own sister in order to stop her from interfering with his plans. Any objection TRAITOR." Celestia yelled.

"I'm... I didn't do nothing. I swear. I didn't kill anyone. Please." Shining begged

"It's too late for remorse." Celestia said."Discord. Punish him."

"With pleasure." Discord bowed himself. With a snap of his fingers his body hitted the ground has his vision started to fade away until there was nothing more than dark.

"See, this is what will happen if you reject this proposal. I will promise I won't hurt her if you bring me my body." Sombra proposed

"How can I know that you're not tricking me." Shining said.

"What's the point of that? I'm only fully powerful on my body." Sombra said

"Deal. But I'll promise that you're going down we will trap you again. Mark my words." Shining said.

With a flash of light, he was back to 'real world'.

"Shining, are you ok?" Twilight asked, "You were there completely unmoved."

"It was him. He wants his body to achieve his total power. If I don't do it he will kill Cadance and everypony as myself."

"What? Please repeat that with normal terms" Twilight said

"He will kill everypony else using my body." Shining repeated.

"OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH. Now i got it. Then let's go there's no time to lose." She said

Shining used his magic to stop her motion.

"Hey. Stop it." She said

"This is between him and me. Nopony else. Understood." He said

She nodded.

Shining started to trot towards the Crystal Empire.

In the main room of Crystal Palace.

"Princess I found it." Flash Sentry said.

"Thanks" Cadance thanked "Hmm, 'A story about Crystal Empire' ok I though I order story about Sombra, not Crystal Empire."

"She said that book has a part of his story don't blame me, please." He said

"Get out I need to read this." Cadance said Flash Sentry stood by the door.

As Cadance read she saw what could stop Sombra but 'well that is impossible' she thought, 'a stronger magical pony is the only thing that could bring Sombra to good side IF she loved him.'

As Shining trotted to the barrier he was blocked by the barrier. He was spotted by the patrolling guard.

"Stop right there, Sombra. You are not allowed to enter the Crystal Empire. Go back before we use our magic."

"Wait, this is a misunderstanding. That 'Shining' isn't the real one I'm the real one."

The guards look at each other confused about what they heard. They laugh of course.

"HAHAHAHAHA. Did you think that we are dumb or what?"

"Can I prove myself that I'm the real Shining?"

"Go ahead, try it."

"Corporal Peanut Butter, private Shining Armor reporting for duty." Shining said with a bow.

"What? How did you? Protect the princess now."

"What? But Sombra is right there."

"Prince Shining Armor is the real Sombra, this is Shining Armor. Believe me."

As they look at they're Corporal a maleficient laugh came from Crystal Palace and after that the barrier simply vanishes. As they looked up they saw the worst thing ever. Shining Armor was carrying Princess Cadance by her necklace.

"Now. Give me want I want and she will be fine," Sombra said

"No. Don't do it." Cadance said

"Come on, Shining. You don't want her to get hurt, right?" Sombra smiled

"Just take it. But first, release her."Shining said

Sombra magic aura dropped Cadance on the floor. As he conjures a spell and...

"My body. I feel powerful." Sombra said as he moved his own body around. "Now, Where was I? Oh right. BEHOLD YOUR KING HAS RETURN. BOW BEFORE ME"

"Cadance, are you alright?" Shining asked

"Shining, where were you?" Cadance asked painfully. "I know a thing that could stop him."

"The Crystal Heart." Shining said

"Yes, but there's another way, 'a stronger magical pony is the only thing that could bring Sombra to good side IF she loved him.'" Cadance said before passed out.

"What that mean?" Shining shakes her to see if he got an answer but unsuccessfully. That book.

Sombra has taken Crystal Empire once again and without the Crystal Heart, nothing could stop him.

Twilight and her friends were closing distance between the Crystal Empire.

"Look Twilight, the barrier has vanished." Spike pointed

"Does that mean?" Twilight said "Look, girls a dark cloud does this mean, Sombra has achieved his goal. He has Crystal Empire in his hooves again."

As Twilight and her friends, they're faced by Sombra's guards. They were brought near Sombra himself.

"Well, well, well. Twilight Sparkle, Celestia's student. How are you?" Sombra asked.

"Stop that Sombra, we're here to stop you. With the Elements of Harmony." Twilight said.

"Pffff. With the Elements of Harmony.*laughs* Please don't make me laugh the only thing that could stop me is Crystal Heart." Sombra said.

"Or a stronger magical pony" Cadance said

Something on Sombra's mind bright

"What? How did you know?" Sombra asked

"That book I read it." Cadance pointed to a book "You need to be loved to stop your dark powers." Cadance said

"Let me say one thing, will you?" Sombra turned his gaze to her "How could anyone love this?" He used his magic to cause an earthquake causing dark crystals emerging from the ground.

"Because you never search for it." Cadance said

"Can I say why I don't want to be loved? Because your Princess Celestia betrayed my love when she used the Crystal Heart to trap me."Sombra said

"Because you were a maniac. She did the right thing." Cadance said

"Oh well, it's a shame. That would never happen. The stronger magical pony here is you but well, you're married so..." Sombra said.

Suddenly a blast hit Sombra that made him fall from his throne.

He looked over and saw a little smoke trail coming out from Twilight horn

"How dare you? A magical duel is what you want." Sombra proposed. With a bright flash of his horn everyone was free. "Let's make a deal my dear Twilight Sparkle. You and me a magical duel. If I win I will take the Crystal Empire for myself, if you win I give you the location of the Crystal Heart and I'll free Crystal Empire and your friends. So do we have a Deal?" Sombra proposed.

Looking around she could see that everyone disapproved but after some time thinking she came with an answer.

"I'll accept it, but no cheats." Twilight said.

"Alright." Sombra said. With his horn he open a portal that lead him and Twilight to the 'Magical Arena'.

"Let us begin." Sombra said

In that Dimension.

Moments, moments and moments had passed. Blast, after blast. The battle come to an end. Twilight was weak compared to Sombra. Because that was a Dimensional Realm, ponies could fall in the limbo. As the arena was vanish due to Sombra exhaustion. Twilight saw her life in danger for once in her life as the arena beneath her were vanishing.

"I won." Sombra celebrated "Such a waste, look at you a talented unicorn like you will die like this." Sombra said

In Sombra mind:

"She's the one. Sombra, save her. You can't be trapped again." Sombra said

"Don't listen to him, he just want to make you weak. Remember about her. She did the same thing. She said that she loved you. Loved you enough to trap you forever" Darkness said

"Sombra save her you need her. Trust me." Sombra said

"Silence. Remember what happen last time. She will surely use the Crystal Heart to trap you again." Darkness said

"You don't want to be like this are you?" Sombra said. As his 'good side' spoke his coat were changing of color to a light gray. "What is happening" Sombra said. With a explosion of light, his new coat has changed to a bright white color.

"How? How did you free yourself?" Darkness said

"Love, the prophecy my dear friend. Now I need to banish you. I won't come back to that place again because of you." Light said

"But I'm a part of Sombra. You can't destroy me." Darkness said

"I won't destroy you I'm powerful than you so Sombra's body control is mine. See you later Darky." Light said as he banish Darkness from Sombra mind.

Back to the Dimensional realm

Sombra regain consciousness again as he saw Twilight body nearly falling into the limbo she was unconscious, she couldn't do anything to save herself. Sombra used his magic to embrace Twilight as he summons his magic wings to get them out of there.

As they passed through the portal he dropped Twilight on the ground as she slowly regains her consciousness and saw herself save in the castle floor.

She looked over Sombra

"Did I win?" Twilight asked

"No. You lost." Sombra said. "But, your magic is really strong well you give a good fight. But a promise is a promise."

"Wait, I remember I was falling into the Limbo." Twilight realized that she got saved by him. "Did you just saved me?"

"Me saving you, pfff. Never." Sombra said. "I mean if you consider that I just did that so we could do a little break." He smiled.

"Anyways, thank you." She got up.

As she stepped toward him he could feel that something was changing.

"What are you doing?" Sombra asked

"Well since you've won. I'm here to congratulate the new King of Crystal Empire." Twilight said. "I know he's lying I just need to making him say it." Twilight said to herself.

"Stop that right now." Sombra said.

"What's wrong you change your mind?" Twilight asked as she bowed.

"No. I just... I just..." Sombra said "Stop that alright. Damn you, fine I saved you. Ok. Happy to hear that." Sombra said

Everypony in the castle looked at him with a strange expression like they're stunned by hearing that.

"I knew it. You saved me because you recognized that Cadance was right about that prophecy, right." Twilight said

"I was scared that it would happen again the same thing that Celestia did to me." Sombra started to cry. "I'm sorry i didn't want to cause this trouble.". His horn started to shine and the Crystal Heart appeared in the middle of the main room. "Just get over with it. Send me back to there." Sombra said. "I'm ready for another thousands of ...."

He suddenly felt an embrace. Twilight was hugging him. 'WOW'.

"Don't say that I see that you changed. You risked your life for me, you could leave me there, but instead you decided to saved me that's a true act of love. It seems that you care for someone. Someone as powerful as you." Twilight said

"Someone like you." Sombra said.

Twilight was blushing hardly.

"Oh come on me I'm not even a princess. And besides, there's Celestia she is better than me."

"YUP. But the pony that refused to send me back to that place was you and besides I owe you one." Sombra said. "Allow me." Sombra started to charge his horn as Twilight was levitated and after a bright flash she was again on the floor.

Everypony was with their jaws touching the ground. As she got up and saw everyone staring at her with that face.

"What? Did he did something to me?" Twilight asked

"See for yourself." Rarity conjured her magic mirror.

As the mirror was conjured and was placed near her she could see what for her was very gorgeous. She has got a new pair of purple wings, on her body was a dark purple queen robe covering all of her body, on her hooves two pairs of queen shoes, her cutie mark became a little darker but nothing that changed her personality and on her head was a large dark purple crown.

"You look gorgeous my queen." Sombra said.

"Why? Why me?" Twilight asked while she was crying not for dissatisfaction but for how beautiful she looked, she knew that she didn't deserve that.

"As the prophecy said a stronger magical pony would catch his heart." Sombra said

"But what about them. We're the Elements of Harmony, they need me." Twilight said.

"I see. I'm sorry. You could go don't worry about me, alright. I'll be fine" Sombra said.

"Don't be like that Twilight." Cadance said. "Sombra is really caring about you, would you do that to him?" She asked.

"But if Equestria is in danger the Elements of Harmony are the only solution." Twilight said

"And if I go with you to Ponyville?" Sombra asked. "My army can defeat even the strong enemy that this place ever known."

Twilight looked at her friends and for her surprise, they shake their heads giving her a sign that it's ok.

"But I don't have a castle. All that I've is a library. *gigs*" Twilight said.

"I don't need a castle, just having you is enough. It's ok if I come with you?" Sombra asked

"I think there's no problem in that. Right." Applejack said.

As the Main 6 nodded they knew Sombra was going to Ponyville.

In Ponyville

The new former queen of King Sombra, Twilight arrived at PonyVille she announced that King Sombra was reformed and he was living now on PonyVille.

As she leads him to her library, she opens the door and greeted Spike.

"Hello, Spike. We're back." Twilight said

"We?" Spiked asked. As he turned around and saw 'HIM' he screamed and made a position ready to defend her 'mother' ''STAY BACK. I'm a dragon and I don't fear of using my powers." Spike said

"Oh, you little cutie. It's your pet?" Sombra asked stroking his head.

"No this is Spike. I hatch him when I was a little filly. So with that, I joined Celestia's School gifted unicorns" Twilight said

"Wait, you hatch him with your magic as a filly. Then why didn't you use anything against me, when we're fighting?" Sombra asked

"What's the point of that? I know I could use my full magic to defeat you but I saw that if I achieve love was the best option." Twilight said.

"You knew that I could change?" Sombra said.

"Sombra, there's something you need to know. I know EVERYTHING. I just need to think a way to use it." Twilight smiled. "Spike, write a letter to Celestia." Twilight said.

"I'm on it." Spike said. "So... Go on" Spike said

'Dear Princess Celestia,

I'm now on PonyVille. The thread at Crystal Empire was banish. King Sombra was reformed and he now acts as a role of my King he's willing to help Equestria when SHE needed. I will wait for your answer.

Your Faithful Student,
Twilight Sparkle'

' Dear Twilight Sparkle,

All that I want to tell you this 'THANK YOU', once again you proved that love and friendship could revert even the greatest evil to a good side. Oh and tell Sombra I'm sorry I only did that because I didn't know about that prophecy. And besides he was in total control of his Dark side. Hope you understand.

Princess Celestia.'

"I received a letter from Celestia, Sombra. She said that she was sorry for what she did to you she didn't know." Twilight said.

"It's ok. It's in the past now." Sombra said

"Twilight, there's another letter from Celestia." Spike said

"Let me see it." Spike deliver the letter to her. She started to read it.

'Dear Twilight Sparkle,

I fear that another evil is coming to Equestria. I need you ready for when that time came.

Princess Celestia'

"Another evil?" Twilight asked for herself.

"What is it?" Sombra asked

"She fears that another evil could come to Equestria." Twilight said

"Well let them appear, we would defeat it. TOGETHER." Sombra said.

"I hope so." Twilight said

She decided to give him a hug she saw him every day he was changing and thanks to her. As she said 'FRIENDSHIP IS THE KEY FOR EVERYTHING'.